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Good Map Software?

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Ok, in my quest to go totally paperless, I've decided I need to get some good map software, either for my PDA or my laptop. After a visit to the local Staples, I'm confused by the 5 or 6 choices I have. I'd like to have street-level maps, topo maps, and the ability to plug in a set of coordinates and get a resulting map. It'd be really cool if I could find something that would interface with Cachemate or GSAK. Any suggestions?

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What GPSr do you have and do you have the maps for it?


I have the Mapsource City Select and Topo maps on my Garmin Vista C and on my PC and my laptop.


The Topo maps are not as good as the National Geographic maps for detail, but those are the only ones I can load on my GPSr. If you want maps to print, the National Geographic one would be a good choice.

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I own several navigation programs including Mapsource, Nat Geo Topo and Fugawi. Mapsource isn't detailed enough period. Nat Geo Topo has great seamless maps and is my favorite for projecting waypoints, making mountain profiles and printing Topo maps. This package does have an option for a street overlay but all in a purple color. Nat Geo Topo is also lacking in the waypoint category in that all waypoint icons are the same and you can't change them. (You can use symbols to manually mark a spot on the map with different icons.) This package is also very poor in the trackpoint & trackpoint editing areas. My favorite navigation package so far is Fugawi. This package works with GSAK uploads and can display all the caches either on USA Streets detailed color maps or USGS Topo maps in all three scales. (Raster maps) You can switch back and forth between City and Topo maps at will and the waypoints are still there. Push a button while you drive and Fugawi draws a road on the map using connected trackpoints (not waypoints) of a line color and thickness you choose. For realtime navigation there is a large selection of icons to pick from that will represent you on the map. (This icon moves on the map when you move) I use a large multicolor bullseye that I can see at a glance. I use one type of color waypoint icon for caches I need to do, another color for caches done, another for etc, etc. This package also can handle scanned or vector maps of your choice and can work with PDAs.

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