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I have placed lots of different items in caches, LiveStrong wrist bands, wooden fish, pocket angels (in micro's). I DO tend to pick up Flagman's Flag Swag more often than anything else. I enjoy giving American flags to kids that come into my practice and wear one most every day! :P Jeff / drexotic

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I leave our signature mini button in caches. Looks just like my avatar. Since Roxy, our Jack Russell Terrier is normally with us geocaching, most times we'll find a ball in a cache. Golf Balls, Smiley Balls....she loves caching just for that purpose...we have to fight over who's going to look in the container first. It's pretty comical. :P

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I was putting seashells in some desert caches, but some of the shells don't hold up well. Since my wife recently got me a Dremel, I've started collect interesting rocks from around the caches I find and creating petroglyphs (coyotes, naturally) from them. The petroglyphs are numbered and will start appearing in caches soon.

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We use instant scratch tickets as our signature item. The ones we use support the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, plus they only cost $1 so it's not an expensive item yet it could bring riches to the person who keeps them :mad: We seal them in ziplock snack bags and they will fit in virtually any cache.

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