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Lock-n-lock Box

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I found a few on-line sources, including Amazon - but by far the best deals are at QVC - yes, I know... :anicute: QVC.com if I remember correctly.


I found a "set" for about 20 bucks plus shipping. It yielded two containers with nearly the same capacity as a 50mm AC, plus two more that are about half the size - holds a log and some small swag items, and still two more that are about the size you would stash a sandwich in. I use one of those to keep spare batteries, and my headlamp safe and crush proof in my pack.


They paint up pretty good too. I used the plastic primer paint, plus regular cammo paint. They appear to be the best solution out there short of an AC.

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Walmart has alot of them around here. No sets, but the containers are real cheap. I think they're somewhere around 2 bucks. 86 cent matchsafes too.


Farming/Hunting supply style stores like rural king have camo tape.


Noplace around here has ammo cans. Theres not an military surplus store for 40 or 50 miles at least. Therefore, there aren't alot of ammo cans around here. Most of them are micros, but the occasional regular is usually a lock n' lock style container.

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a Lock-N-Lock Box for my Cache. I have looked all over but have been unable to find one. I guess I'm just looking in the wrong place. Thanks for the help.........

You don't need to buy one.


Apparently, if you have a GPSr, you can just go out find hundreds of them in the woods, just sitting there for the taking!



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