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  1. My screen cracked on my 60csx (oops). The unit is completely operational, the only defect is the cracked cover. I'm willing to sell the entire unit for $150. Or make me an offer on a part. Everything else is in good, but used condition. There is a tiny, barely noticeable mark on the lcd screen itself where the impact occurred. The screen works fine however.
  2. It just seems like a silly limit when the routes have no limit and would clearly use more space. It's not like the system is going to let me plan PQs weeks in advance, it'll only let me check a maximum of 35. Lots of people, especially those who travel, would prefer the convenience of being able to make a hundred preset queries to run whenever they wanted to.
  3. dougsmiley

    PQ 40 Limit

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but what's the deal with the 40 limit on PQs? Since we got the 1000, can this be upped to 100 or something? It doesn't seem like the data stored for the PQ settings would take up more than a kilobyte. We can't run more than 35 a week anyway so why the odd arbitrary limit on how many in our "arsenal"? It doesn't seem there's a limit at all on routes and I'd be fairly certain they take up more space than regular PQs do. What i would find a relatively small 200 mile radius from my home is 38 or 39 queries, meaning I can't leave them all on the page, rather will have to delete and re create to run later. This is something i'd only completely run once every couple months (running the "newest" query more often, obviously).
  4. I do not want to wait another week grr.
  5. Just ran a my finds.. and nothing..
  6. Thanks for the update. My caching trip was thankfully saved by a data saving friend who had coverage for the area . Can't wait for 1,000 Pqs!! Awesome addition guys!
  7. How many geocaching trips is this site going to ruin! I can't receive new PQs AGAIN! Somebody needs to make a new geocaching website that doesn't break every day. With proper coding and features, it could overtake this one in months. Look at what facebook did to myspace. I have limited experience in coding but i'd be very willing to join the project if it had some investors! Terracaching was a good idea, but the interface was nowhere near user friendly enough to take off.
  8. Yes, but instead of pulling up google pull up the caches a long a route creation map..
  9. With the new-ish feature of using google maps to create a user route, how about a link down with the maps, or even up with the gpx download, that is simply, create a route to this cache. Perhaps have it default with the user's home coords but make it easily changeable (leave the text box there, editable) to somewhere else if desired. This would be especially nice for events and stuff. Just now I am creating a route from my friend's house to an event that is tomorrow. Instead of manually cut and pasting or typing stuff in, I could of clicked this link on the cache page, and put in his location as the from address. While you're at it, how about a PQ around this location link. Would be great to just go to an event page, click it, and have it automatically pop up the PQ creation page with the coordinates auto-populated. I'm sure this is all also possible with userscripts, so this is for you folks that make those too! I could of ran both the PQs i need for tomorrow without ever touching the keyboard!
  10. It is quite impressive. You don't realize that almost EVERYWHERE has been logged at some point or another until you visit an old growth forest like this.
  11. The attitude and political BS in caching has drove me away, not towards. It's one of the reasons I don't bother writing logs anymore. Record keeping and PQs are much easier if you log the finds, plus, my numbers are a factor to me. . It drives me away from events. I'd rather cache with friends. You know, it used to be that you showed your appreciation for other's hides by hiding your own caches. Personally, I typically don't even read the logs on my own caches unless they're a DNF or needs maintenance. After 111 logs can I remember each cache exclusively? No. They run together. I think a total of 2 of the caches found that day were actually interesting. The rest, normal P&Gs. Obviously numbers runs are only really fun in groups, it's more of a social event then a scenic one. I enjoy riding around, nabbing caches and enjoying conversation and the hilarity that ensues. My intent here was to educate new cache owners that this is acceptable practice and to take the stick out of their, well you know and just enjoy geocaching their own way. If you have time to get on these forums every day and start a flame war, bitch at people on cache pages and by email, then you need to get a life. I'm just trying to bring up a topic to discuss, and usually avoid the forums, under 500 posts in 5 years is pretty low. I'm not very politically correct so people will flame me for that. Oh my god he said @#@$. NO!!! AHH!! Grow up.
  12. If the cache is cool or unique enough it will get at least that from me. Nice hike, or something - besides TFTC. One unique cache on my 111 day was actually hidden inside a model barn at lowes, sure, lame parking lot but still it was unique. It got something besides the cookie cutter log. It's not going to get to be over one or two sentences 99% of the time because my time is limited and my interest in detailing the entire trip to and from the cache is nil. I'm not saying it may not be disappointing to an owner, I can understand that, but we need to get away from the #$#@ you, get out of our hobby if you don't write a good log mentality that seems to be spreading. People just need to let other people find and log as they wish. Publicly menacing or even privately emailing someone over something like this is not a good practice, I think most of us can agree on that.
  13. Exactly, and hiders should never feel "disrespected" for a cut and paste log. Not everyone will write a story, it doesn't mean they hated your cache. For most, it's lack of time, interest, or ability to write a detailed log. Very few people are putting down the cache hider. Sure, nobody is going to say much about an LPC or a guardrail grab, but if you hid one, would you really expect them to?
  14. Since when has it been a requirement to post a story with every single log?! Two instances lately, one directed at me have brought this to my attention. First, someone was harassed for posting a short log on a cache locally on the cache page. Second, I was doing a power cache run, and upon logging all 111 of my days finds with *gasp* the same log, I was contacted by one owner who thought my action was disgraceful, and an insult to cache hiders everywhere. Some of us, myself included just aren't in to typing out essay like logs for every cache we find, EVEN the cool ones! It used to be, "TFTC!" sufficed to tell the owner that you appreciated the find. I find writing, and reading (to be honest) these long winded logs to be about as interesting as watching paint dry. I thought this was about finding the cache, not sitting for hours on end writing ABOUT the cache. I find my time better spent FINDING CACHES! For me, the log is more record keeping than personal, and a simple TFTC! says, hey, I found your cache, thanks for hiding it so I could find it today. I'm not saying theres anything wrong with posting lengthy logs, but don't down people just because they don't do the same as you, and certainly don't expect if from people. Cachers come from all different backgrounds, some may be more capable and/or interested in typing out long logs than others. My question is since when is the LOG more important than the FIND?! Where does this end? Are people going to start deleting legitimate find logs just because the log wasn't interesting enough?
  15. If it breaks on the weekend, it won't be fixed until monday.
  16. Of course! I'm leaving Wednesday Morning and returning sometime Monday.
  17. Pilotsnipes - is a Non Breaking Space code for HTML. I would suggest before you remove the "&" symbol, that you add a snippet of code that replaces " " with " " Heres a weird problem i've been experincing. Every time, the first time I create the POI file, POI loader thinks it is invalid. I create the file a second time, and it's fine.
  18. You can't "Break" your Nuvi with any of them. They're all just POI Files, but formatted differently for the different screen sizes, etc. I would recommend trying the 7xx series one first, but if it doesn't work, experimenting with all of them isn't going to hurt anything.
  19. I wasn't having this problem.. until now. I've been running queries for years, same email address and everything. I tried to run a caches along a route query and it is not showing up in my inbox. It registers as running but is not in my mailbox after an hour of waiting. Someone from Groundspeak - please enlighten us on this subject.
  20. I look forward to windy rock every year! A great camping event!
  21. Well I'm not sure. If it will open with google earth, open it, then re-save it as a KML file and try using that. I assume you're talking about caches along a route?
  22. I could always just install 64 bit XP. Although, I have no plans to buy a new computer at the moment. This one does fine at GSAK and playing movies so I'm happy.
  23. When I buy my next computer, I'll take it out of the box and immediately start formatting it and install XP . It's not a bad idea anyway considering all the crapware* the PC makers put on a new computer. *Crapware - Computer software that is less pleasant than a certain Jack Russel's leavings.
  24. I see your problem - you want 40 not 70, when every reasonable mapping program will take you down 70. There IS a way, but it involves google maps rather than google earth. I went ahead and did it for you, and you can click here for the caches along a route page of it. However, if you want to know how to do it, here's how. Go to google maps and create your route. Google maps allows you to click and drag the route to your liking now, so you can do that to create virtually any route you want to. Now, at the top right, click link to this page. Copy the first url into your address bar, then add, without the quotes, "&output=kml" to the end of it. Click go or hit enter and you will be prompted to save the KML file. Yes, this is the correct format file, but unfortunately it doesn't work with the GC.com route feature, at least not until we do this workaround to fix it. Open the file with google earth. You should see your route. Open the file's "folder" in the left bar of google earth. You should see all the driving directions. Beneath them is an item simply called "route." Right click on "Route" and click "save place as", and save it as a KML file. This newly saved file will magically work on geocaching.com.
  25. I came across this strange creature again at geowoodstock.
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