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Experience Needed?

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I think it doesn't really matter how much experience you have. We have hundreds of finds and suck at hosting events. Doesn't stop us.


Now, it might matter if you have some sort of agenda and others perceive you not having the expereince to back it up, but for a general get-together, I say, go for it.

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Don't let that bother you, if it is a wonderful idea I am quite sure the locals will get together no matter who is setting up the event plus they are always looking to put a face to the name and you get to make some friends. Mabye share some ideas here and post in your local forums as well.

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I am a relatively new cacher. I have found 15 caches and hidden 1. I have an amazing idea for an event but I am worried that some people won't come just because I'm new. What do you all think about this?


I would have no problems listing an event cache for someone who was still new to geocaching. There are geocachers of all experience levels who would attend and besides, events are a lot of fun!


Go ahead and do it, but don't feel the need to pack a lot of games, activities, and caches into the event. Geocachers just like talking to geocachers and don't need a lot of stuff to keep busy.

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I have been to a couple events with good turnouts.I to want to set one up.I will watch this post to learn how and what needs to be done. :D


It wouldn't be that big. Just like a trivia caching event. You get the coords for the first station, find the envelope there, and read the trivia question. There are 4 answers. Each has its own set of coords. You pick the answer you think is right and go there. If you got the right one, you will find the next envelope. If not, you have to go back. 1 neutral person will go with each group. That person keeps track of points.

  • 3 points for right answer 1st time
  • 1 point for right answer second time
  • 0 points for right answer third time
  • -1 point for looking at the hint

It's still tentative, but I think it's a great idea.

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I think it sounds like a fun event. I would love to try something like this. You should probably think through some of the details a little further, though. If you have a neutral person with each group then if the turnout is large then you are going to have very big groups or have lots of volunteers to help. Maybe you could have teams call you for the answers. If they get them right then you give them the coords, if they are wrong then you penalize them for say 10 minutes before their next call. You can have several different categories for winners. Maybe most right answers on first try, least amount of time to complete, or least mileage overall.

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I had about the same amount of finds when I hosted my first event. I went to my first event cache with the pre-NEFGA gang. I had been e-mailing and talking to the federation, when they started talking about their next event all I heard was "chincache has a good idea for an event" my wife and Ilokked at each other and went uhoh. the evnet ending up going very well with about fifteen to twenty people invovled going coast to cCould it have been better? YES! there were many things that could have been planned better,but it was a learning experience for me on these type of events.

I don't think anyone who attended had a bad time for reactions.

So go ahead with your ideas.

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Think about other event caches you've been to and what you liked about them and what you didn't.


If you have a local website or association, get involved there- those are mainly the people who are going to come - although you'll sometimes get some visitors.


If you feel nervous about getting a good turnout, try emailing the big players in your area and get them on board - our local #1 hider/finder has lots of goodies he gives away and is kind of a celebrity in his own way (everyone wants to beat him up for hints on his diabolical ones.)


If you do any organized activities which take significant time - especially caches - think about how it's going to work very carefully. At a small event, if everyone goes off at different times to do the caches and they take a while, it can be kind of disruptive. When there's a lot of people, it doesn't seem to matter. We must have had over 40 people at our last event, but the trail takes 2 hours to hike. I kayaked along the trail to do the hydro (also about 2 hours) and planned to also do the CLOO game before the event officially started. I had to skip 6 permanent caches which had just been placed, as the event was underway when I finished my paddling. There were people I never saw at the event, because they left to do caches before I got back. Everybody had fun, and with such a large group it really doesn't matter. But you can see that with a small group, the event part could fall apart.

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