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  1. Oh hell, if your going to rent a car you may as well hit 95 and get NJ,PA and DE to your list.
  2. aahhh, just stick a "chirp" in a deer a** and see if anyone logs it!
  3. A cache can't be placed there, however it is okay for young adults and teens to drink , do drugs and have sex in that "natural" area when they visit the park with their families. And before any one says anything I grew up abutting this park. I am thinking of hiding a 25 part multi in a state park so it would equal out to a dollar per stage. I figure if they say it is to insure the integrity of the flora and fuana they should have to earn it.
  4. ChinCache


    yo! welcome go to sepg.us for a local group. you just missed our big summer event in doylestown.
  5. I am going to be visiting in-laws, so I need to get out weather permiting. I am looking to meet fellow geocahers in the area as we a there a few times a year. Send an email
  6. wa wa wa We are looking at going, if fact we travel that way to visit family all the time. if you take 287 you can usually go about 90 if you know where the cops lurk. takes us about two to twoand a half from lower bucks co. PA.
  7. union Ironworker and Sustainable building Advisor(yes if you want to spend the money we can make it more efficient and eco-friendly.
  8. The baldpate mountain area is closed every weekend and some weekdays from now until the second week in feb. I don;t know why just letting everybody know what the sign says. If you know anyone who has a cache there let them know please.
  9. My daugter is bringing the Homasassa Springs diabeties bug to town the first week of april. she was going to place it in a cache after visiting some places with my parents, however she is now on crutches and will not be in any wooded areas to place the bug. I need someone who can meet her at the end of the week so she can hand off the bug. it will be logged into a local cache so it can get the mileage and be grabbed by a cacher. let me know as soon as you can.
  10. There should not be any national park coins or anything geocache. they don't want us there so why advertise for them?
  11. Figures third year in a row where something is planned the same weekend. I'm graduating again that sat.
  12. I found one in NJ., one of those typical multi-trunked tree caches. Now it's mid autumn with leaves built up in the middle of the trunks. i reach in to grab the cache and see an eye looking back at me. So I poke it with a stick after my heart started beating again. and heard a lovely hollow plastic sound.
  13. I was looking for a cache on the third about 10:00 pm behind a store. A car comes around the corner and the spotlight turns on to catch me as I'm looking shining my flashlight in the weeds. The cop in side asks what I'm doing and I explain cachin' to him and he starts looking for the cache, then a second car joins him that officer gets out and the first explains cachin' to him. The next thing you know there is three flashlights looking for a cache. we didn't find it, but I showed them the web page for the cache (which the one asked if he could keep)and went to find another. I found the cache the next day
  14. I am trying to find a data cable for a gps12. I already have the car power cable, and am trying to find someone who no longer needas theirs anymore. thanks
  15. Congrats on the 200! Why didn't you say something about the anny at howlin' at the moon, we would have embarressed you?
  16. The PGC is not run funded by tax dollars therefore all lands purchased and managed by the pgc are "private lands" for the use of pgc and it's licenced users for hunting, trapping and propagation of game species in the state of PA. they could even charge an extra fee for fishing in a lake on pgc property if they so choose.
  17. Klatch stated that he or she had placed some caches in PGC land with out the permission of the land manager. I thought you were supposed to get permission to put a cache on private land. As for not needing permission, what if one day the pgc decided to fine anyone who had placed a cache on pgc land? too much litter bewteen a cache and the parking lot; fine the cacher who hid it regardless of who put the trash there. with out some type of approval form some one able to make decisions for a large area these kind of things could happen. I am currently working with a park system to keep caches in nature centers all because someone put caches on "public" land with out the permission of the land manager. All it takes is one sensitive area to be disturbed to tick off a land manager. I have seen der lays(where the deer hole up during the day) torn apart by cachers looking for a cache. it was in a park, but what if it was by your favorite hunting spot?
  18. No problem it's the least I can do for all the caches you guys have hidden let me know any details you want involved.
  19. Try to find a place along the turnpike where it meets 80, the easier it is to get somewhere the more likeky people will come. let me know where and when, we have family in the area but have yet to cache there.
  20. I have signed the logbook of every trad. or e-mailed the info ness. for a virt. of every cache in my history. I even felt "locationless caches were "cheating"
  21. Would this be the same team that leaves caches exposed to muggles by not hiding them the way they should after finding them.
  22. Oh yeah the wife reminded me.... The temp that day at daytona beach before sunrise was 25 degrees, I think that's why my wife won't help me with event anymore when i get an idea.
  23. I had about the same amount of finds when I hosted my first event. I went to my first event cache with the pre-NEFGA gang. I had been e-mailing and talking to the federation, when they started talking about their next event all I heard was "chincache has a good idea for an event" my wife and Ilokked at each other and went uhoh. the evnet ending up going very well with about fifteen to twenty people invovled going coast to cCould it have been better? YES! there were many things that could have been planned better,but it was a learning experience for me on these type of events. I don't think anyone who attended had a bad time for reactions. So go ahead with your ideas.
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