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Uk Geo Chat

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Thread bumped, because The Slaughter Family asked :laughing:


UK GeoChatroom link.


It tends to be fairly quiet in there during the day - Although several names may appear logged in on the righthand column many people just drop in and out briefly while they're at work, so you may not get an immediate "hello". However, the tea trolley usually comes around about 11am and again 4-4.30pm and more people tend to chat during the evenings.


MrsB :laughing:

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Doh! The Slaughter Family just stuck their head around the Chatroom door, briefly - missed them! :laughing:


Do drop back in ... and stay logged in for a while :)


As for the Chatroom Birthday Party - We should have one, shouldn't we? I won't be doing the usual Tea trolley from 2nd - 7th August as I'll be up at the Mega, but maybe someone else would like to bake a cake?


MrsB :)

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Doesnt matter what it says at the room end, at my end it said I was 'booted' out before my screen filled with a Ping search results about every person in the room, their source IP and some other details, and whether or not they were in PM mode. All I did was nip to the kitchen to get a coffee!


I love technology, its so reliable. However, I now feel like this:


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Doesnt matter what it says at the room end, at my end it said I was 'booted' out


If it said you were kicked then it would have said who you were kicked by. Myself and Lucilla were the only mods 'on duty' at the time, and neither of us kicked you. You may well have problems at your end staying connected, but it doesn't mean you were kicked out.

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