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What Should I Have Ready?

The Blind Acorn

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What things should I have ready? There are so many options where I want to have my coin made. I just looked through their webpage, and I'm trying to decide what to do next.


Which color/metal coins do you consider more worthy of being LE's?


Epoxy coating? Likely.


2d/3d ? Thoughts, comments, reference to examples is helpful.


Granulation? ACK!? !?!


If you had a coin made did you have a "proof" coin made? Was it close to pictures etc that they sent?


I'm guessing coin will be 1.5" - 1.75" and shaped...


Advice is welcomed by email or PM or here. (Hopefully FSM and Eartha won't shut me down and refer me to a buried, pinned thread.... but if you do guys/gals, can I have the link?) :D


Thanks so much!!!



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My personal thoughts...


> Which color/metal coins do you consider more worthy of being LE's?


None, I'm not a fan of extra special LE's (unless you will make more 'regular' as demand warrants it is already LE)

Especially if it is a personal coin.


> Epoxy coating? Likely.


I like both, non-epoxy lets you 'feel' the coin. I prefer the 'hard enamel' coloring to the 'epoxy dome' coating though.


> 2d/3d ? Thoughts, comments, reference to examples is helpful.


depends on the art


> Granulation? ACK!? !?!

If they mean texturing the background metal, depends on how much there is, raised metal text is hard to read agains shiny metal background

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For your cute little coin? Contact a few of the coin vendors to get a quote.


1.5" is real small on a shaped coin, so I recommend 1.75" or even 2" on what you showed me. Epoxy or hard enamal would be nice, but it will look good without them also. You're artwork is also 2D so don't worry about that. It's also an inked coin, so granulation/sandblasting isn't a consideration. You don't need any special edging or anything like that on your coin either.


Size, metals and any special finish (epoxy/hard enamal/etc) are all you need to worry about aside from if you're going to make them gc.com trackable or simply have them numbered.

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