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Art For Your Coins


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go to a search engine, enter the object you are looking for clipart for, and add the word clipart :mellow:


Click the links... skip the ones that are just links to more links or supposed clip art sites with more links and with adds all over the place.


Find the ones that actually have images. Find ones you like, purchase if required, and use or modify as required.


I've grabbed them various different sites, and I can't even tell you any of the sites that I used because I didn't pay attention.

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Another good way to use Google Images to create some fairly good art designs, is to search for "(your subject)" + "logo"


By searching for logos it will give you lots of IDEAS! using your subject as part of the logo design and, for the most part, usable layouts.

Even to the untrained eye, you will be able to see what looks good and what doesn't.


Another good source for creativity is the grocery store!!

Yep, The Grocery Store!


Manufacturers spend thousands & thousands of dollars to make their products stand out among the crowd!

Walk through and see what grabs your eye, and remember them. Shoot, buy it and have it to refer to when you get back home.


With that said, I get first pick of the Oreo-geocoin when someone make them!! :ph34r::mellow::lol::P:ph34r:


D-man :P

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not many products that involve fire fighting and EMS. im a fire fighter/medic and am looking to do a wooden nickel and poker chip first then if it turns out good im gonna do a coin. just have to find some designs i like.


The closest thing I could think of is the Geocaching Paramedic Gear by Skydiver. Maybe that'll inspire you.


Stay Safe.



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