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New Feature On Geocaching.za.net

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So I had a brainwave, (just a small wave), and told Part 2 that we needed our own little profile image for our uber cool site. The wave then past and I continued with my work... few hours later I get an instant message from Part 2 telling me to check a link out, and law and behold he made one, it's sooo cool... now I just had to tell everyone else about it:




To put your own image on your site, or even in an e-mail or somthing, create an html image and use this as the source url: http://www.geocaching.za.net/common/ImageP...00-000000000000

you must then change the Text and CacherGuid to any text you like and the Guid (big number) to the one that appears on your profile page in geocaching.com in the address bar.


This is probably a little confusing to most (I'm a little confused from writing it), so if you would like, just ask us for your image, and we will give you the code. Oh, and if your image doesn't load it might be because we only just finished this feature and it may not be very stable, or that you are not in our database, we will just add you then.


cool... that's about it, use it, don't use

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Talking to our good OLD friend BAKSTEEN we had to listen to how life on the ranking site has become boring and that he thinks that (no matter how many UK trips he does) he will never move to the top.


To remedy the situation we have quickly slapped together a new feature for the GC.za.net site that will show the TOP CACHER for the each month. You will be able to see the top cacher for the current month change as people find and hide more caches.


So Brick, now all you need to do is beat Fish Eagle and find more than 92 caches in a month (as he did in January). :laughing:


Hope you all enjoy the new challenge that that the people at the top of the list may finally be able to beat the 3 pensioners that live at the top of the ranking page.


Part 2.

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Alright. This is a feature to bookmark! Now I can go out and find a bunch and feel really special jumping up a list until the Huskies arrive on a weekend and knock me back into place! :laughing: They are machines.


Thanks for the new feature. Really like it.

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Great idea, QFC. Will have to get our act together and start planning another a trip to another part of our country sometime soon, to get some serious caching done again! :lol::o:laughing:

Competition is a great thing and certainly keeps us all on the go and very much on our toes! Keep up the great work, QFC - caching is now very much alive and doing wonderfully in our beautiful country.

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Nonsense, Mr Baksteen! A few trips to the UK should help you jump a few positions quite easily :anicute:

Very nice idea, QFC's. That should put some pressure on - and help me drop a few places as well, what with so many hot slightly newbies on the block :huh:


Hey Helga, what do you think of the fact that QFC refers to you as a pensioner !! :wub:

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Perhaps the pensioners in question are Trickey, Vickey, and Mickey?

If so, QFC, there are only 2 of them - Trickey Vickey is 1 person.


I wish i was a pensioner though - helps in upping the stats B)

Anyway, Gen Rick has now found W-W-W-Wipeout as well, so pensioner only bragging rights for that have fallen away B)

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DAM! All of our excuses for not being active are being trashed! My (part 2) apologies for the confusion. Part 3 is the PR side of the group and doesn’t always let me in on all the details of other cacher groups.


I think we go back to the good old days as blame all of our inadequacies on TVM being pensioners (and having more time) and the rest of us having to work (therefore having no time). :)

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The tension is mounting for this month's “top” cacher. One wonders if Fish Eagle will be able to hide another cache (and log it by today) or find another 2 caches (and log these by today), the later being the more like of the two.


1 (Lieutenant-Colonel) The Huskies ( 50 finds * 2 ) + ( 3 hides * 3 ) = 109

2 (Major) Fish Eagle ( 41 finds * 2 ) + ( 8 hides * 3 ) = 106


If someone would update the stats some time later today it would be great to see who is at the top tomorrow.


On the side:

Please not that this is all in the sprit of fun and although geocaching is not a sport ??? and is not meant to be competitive ????, some people enjoy it this way, so each to their own.


Also the monthly stats are only update after you change your stats. E.g. should you find a cache on the 8th and then update the gc.za.net stats this cache would reflect for your ranking position, but not for your monthly position, that is until you log the stat change (hide of find) say on the 9th. I little confusing, but this is the way it work… :grin:

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