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Downloading Gpx File From Your Own Unapproved Cache


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Will this be working again (right now I get a blank page)? If not, will the link be removed/disabled?


Also, the forum will not let you search on "+gpx +file +approved" because it contains a 3-letter word. I know gc.com did not write the forum software, and cannot be blamed for the bad design, but it would seem that the three character limit is being misapplied given the nature of the specific search criteria I gave.

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Its disabled because people were hacking into the reviewer queue or if a TB was placed in an unapproved cache people could work out the path to the gpx / loc file and download the information.

As ever some will go to any length for a FTF

Since the file is generated on demand, the server should check your session and return an error instead. Do you know if it's a temporary disabling? (and if not, why is the button on the screen at all?)

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