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Newbie And Etrex Legend


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I am new to geocaching and am learning a ton, mostly from this forum. I have an etrex legend and am very happy with it. I would like to find a way of attaching it to my backpack shoulder strap. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there something out there which is durable AND reliable???

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When I first started caching with my "basic yellow" eTrex, I purchased one of the standard Garmin protective cases. After donning my backpack I just clipped my eTrex (in it's case of course) to one of the backpack straps near where it went over my shoulder. I thought it worked pretty well because it was near to my tired old eyes and I could easily read it just by glancing down at it. The strong clip of the Garmin protective case, combined with the weight of the backpack on my shoulder strap, helped keep it firmly in place and it never once fell from that position. As a safety measure I also put the GPSR lanyard around my neck.

I don't go on long treks as much as I used to therefore I seldom use my backpack any more. However, I do know from several close calls that it's still a really good idea to keep the lanyard around your neck in case you lose your grip on your GPSR.

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