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City Select Question


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as im auto routing when i approach a turn, it supposed to beep once as you get close then beep again when u get really close to turn, mine doesnt always beep for the first warning, it does always beep for the final warning but ive missed turns thinking that was the first warning beep, wassup with that? anyone?

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The first one is a single beep, the 'turn-now' beep is a double beep.. Ehh..


I think sometimes there isn't really time for the first (warning-you-have-to-turn-soon-beep) so it just goes straight to the double-turn-now-beep. :D


I don't know if you can alter the audio, that might be a solution though because the two sound very similar.

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You're probably not noticing the beeps 'cause you're concentrating on driving. You may want to change the audio to two distinguishing tones.

I don't know what GPS you have, for 60CS, hit:

Menu-Menu-Setup-Tones. I use Tone 11 for early warning, and Tone 15 for Final warning.

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In my experience;


You'll get audio at 30 seconds prior [to your turn]


then, (based on your speed) -


You'll get another warning at .03 miles - which (based on your speed) will remain zoomed until .02 or less & then your final countdown warning when you are within feet.


I use my Garmin gpsV with CitySelect everyday for 8 to 9 hours per day across as many as 3 states, turnpikes & town & city streets. - a godsend :D

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