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  1. when i got o google earth, the coords are in a different format then my gps, can someone explain and how do i convert? mahalo
  2. used for 3 months, like new, preloaded city select. $175, shaolindiver@yahoo.com
  3. like new about 6 months old, comes with all manuals, cables and whatever else it came with. It has city select, ill load any area you want for the turn by turn directions. $200 plus shipping. email me shaolindiver@yahoo.com
  4. id like to buy it, pls email me shaolindiver@yahoo.com
  5. which website has the 60c or 60cs the cheapest? i found $335 so far.
  6. im only tring to transfer 8 caches so it is just flashing but i dont see them in my geocache or waypoint folder in my legend. where are they?
  7. i figured out how to put the caches i want into a folder in easy gps but when i try to send it to my gps it does a very quick flash across the screen and i dont see them in my gps, its doesnt say "sending" or anything, something flashes on screen and thats it. help? anyone
  8. im new, how do i transfer the geocaches to my legend c with this cord? pls be specific i dont know computers that well.
  9. pls contact me, id like to buy it.
  10. thanks for the reply, i was thinking that too, but i did a test and drove straight for a long time with only one turn programmed, it didnt give the first beep, went straight to "turn now dam it beep"
  11. as im auto routing when i approach a turn, it supposed to beep once as you get close then beep again when u get really close to turn, mine doesnt always beep for the first warning, it does always beep for the final warning but ive missed turns thinking that was the first warning beep, wassup with that? anyone?
  12. yes someone did leave it as a gift in my cache, its a germany coin, has a trackin number and activation number on back. so what do people do with these things? do i recirculate it?
  13. someone left a geocoin in my cache, the 1st coin ive seen, what do i do with it?
  14. come to Kauai, we got some cool ones here.
  15. Toyota Tacoma, 4door, 4x4, fabtech lift, gets me to most spots on kauai. goes good on the beach
  16. Im new to geocaching and i love it, unfortunately not too many people do it here on Kauai. there are only 49 caches here and 8 of them are mine. the fun might be running out for me. If you come here please plant a cache. Aloha, Hanapaa!
  17. I recently got into geocaching and love it, unfortunately not too many people do it on Kauai. There are only 49 caches on the island and 8 of them are mine. ive found all but two of them and the fun might run out for me, so if you come here please plant a cache! Aloha, Hanapaa!
  18. has anyone used the northstar cps cigarette plug and mount? they sell they plug for $12 and mount for $8 for a legend. b4 i buy it do they work ok? anyone anyone?
  19. if someone has one to sell please email me, shaolindiver@yahoo.com
  20. yeah almost half, im on a small island so maybe thats why. they list 3 hotels in my town that arent even here any more, and one has been closed for 13 yrs and they list it!
  21. i just put city selct ver7 in my legend and half of the businesses and restaurants are old and no longer around, is there a way to update the info?
  22. i just got city select ver 7, and i dont have a dvd drive in my computer. i called garmin and they said that version only comes in dvd. is there a way i can put city select in my legend c now? walmart has a dvd drive for $50 then id have to pay someone to put it in and im tired of spending money, is that the only way?
  23. i just got it in the mail and i never use this computer and realized it doesnt have a dvd drive just a cd rom, am i screwed?
  24. my bearing always shows letters only ..ex: SW or N....how can i get it to show a bearing number so it will be more accurate, a magellan i used once had it in numbers. thanks for any help
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