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  1. Thanks ... since I have the 60, I'll look into the Nuvi... gotta check price$
  2. An Oregon or Colorado will do this with a bias towards walking use. A Nuvi 500 works with a bias to car use. Back to the original point.... A Nuvi 260 or similar is meant to be for car use only. For those "limited" feature, you get a really cheap unit that includes maps. If you want a field unit, then those exist as well, they just cost more. The "all in one" units MUST be a trade off and they are. It is cheaper to get a car unit for the car (like a Nuvi 260) and a dedicated hiking unit (Like a Vista HCX) for hiking. You get the best features for each use without tradeoffs and spend no more than an all in one. As a suggestion...instead of whining and complaining, how about looking for a solution?? I'm not whining Red - I'm asking for help toward a solution since both my recent purchases (Nuvi & TT) didn't work out as needed - therefore I'm asking for suggestions while further researching - my requests for help ARE part of my attempting to find a solution - Maybe instead of insulting me, you could READ - then you'd see I had a 260 (and own a 60c) but would like (on a street unit) similar features including (at the least) but not limited to being able to SEE previously marked POI's "along" a route -
  3. SergZak, So there's no Garmin that'll do what we would like & still provide the larger screen / 3d driving perspective, eh
  4. No, those 1,700 cache sites are waiting for a visit (or follow up visit ). Every week I delete the old data and download fresh data via GSAK. At the same time I dump all the paperless stuff into my TT so I'm ready if the opertunity presents itself. No point in keeping the old stuff unless I plan on going back, and if so, I change the poi type. Gotcha
  5. How refreshing to see another feeling the same way!!! WHAT is the point here Is this intended as a ONE TIME ROUTE USE, whereas visual reference to a previous destination is not longer needed - especially if it were deemed important enough to add?? It sadly seems to me that since GPS use is no longer curtailed to the enthusiast; Garmin is following the money - appealing to the less capable (the majority) and therefore grabbing more money in their fishing net. I mean really, I'm more interested in listening to an Mp3 than being able to see a campsite I marked last week? answer in RED
  6. no, no, no card.. the 130S - ----- BTW, have you actually those visited 1700 caches beo ?
  7. Hi guys, been off the board awile - got involved in Jeepin and it took for two years... things are settled in after my 2nd jeep and its time for another upgrade - I quickly jumped into the Nuvi craze due to my stellar experiences with GARMIN - however, I'm gravely disappointed - to try and make a long story short I've taken one of my running posts off one of my Jeep forums and put it here, in hopes I'll get the advice I need. I've used GPS units for years... before they were popular. I hike, climb, camp, geocache, etc - regularly - I usually like going where there aren't many others and have learned to rely on GPS equipment - Use a 60cs primarily, keep a GPS V as a backup and I would without doubt recommend Garmin as they are the leader and have unmatchable customer service. However,since my windshield mount recently broke (for the 60) I had just recently made the jump to the "prettier" nuvi series... . the 260 with text to speech (including street names). Well, I was advised in a Geocache forum I frequent that the Nuvi (sans high-end) were simply dumbed-down Soccermom GPSers: I bought one & made a 175 mile trek - Dumbed-down isn't the word! I'll copy/paste my experience later... but I was extremely disappointed Angry Needless to say, I returned it and after some research, ordered a TomTom 130S which I believe will satisfy me in the jeep for street (I hope) so I can keep the 60 in my pack with rechargeables. I pick it up tomorrow. The TT has 10 to 1 more features (which I will use). Just my 2 cents... more later Bottom line: if you're a seasoned GPS user, and only want to spend a couple hundred - the nuvi probably won't do it for you. If you're new to this, it'll be like magic. If you're like me - who spends alot of time out there & uses all the options... well, see above: ======== update:: I'm just freakin spoiled! One problem aside from NOT being able to find obvious POI's enroute to trails that I KNOW are there on the TT - (my 60 has a map set 5 years older & is more accurate) is that my personal POI's DON'T show on my map as I'm driving... i.e with my 60; while riding down the road I can SEE a previously bookmarked fishing hole (on the screen) from months prior... whereas I can reroute on the fly for a lunch/fishing-break. Like I said, I'm obviously a spoiled critic of the newer 3D models - I'm gonna have to wind up spending a fortune for the best of both worlds ============ UPDATE II: Trash... the last straw I tried adding a POI to my TT yesterday & was told I had "too many", that I had "to delete" in order to add any more Huh Huh Huh W H A T ?!?!? I checked.. I don't even think I have added 50 since getting it - I have over 700 stored on my 60C !!! Yea, SEVEN HUNDRED !!! Pardon the sexist sarcasim.. but I guess thats [maybe 50] about the limit for grocery stores and soccer fields huh Undecided Thank Goodness I took out a no-fault SQ warranty on this - ITS GOIN BACK same as the Nuvi I paid a couple hundred for.. So, if anyone can suggest a unit, preferably Garmin - that'll satisfy my spoiled butt... please advise.
  8. Do yourself a favor; next time get a squaretrade warranty - paid a couple bucks extra and include the no-fault. They settle claims within 5 days ! go there - squaretrade.com & check it out
  9. emailed you on these with my EMAIL ADDRESS - let me know ASAP
  10. Hi Jeff, i'm in S. Jersey and am interested in the unit. Tell me though, how would it work in terms of warranty thru Garmin? Would anything be left on it in terms of warranty, upgrade, etc? - I ask cause I we spend alot of time in the woods, not only caching but hiking, jeepin, backpackin - so use would be heavy between my boy & I I can grab one of these NEW shipped for under 340.00 (you want 310) with the year warranty via Amazon.. here's a LINK so ya don't think I'm pullin your leg I understand your throwin in the SD, but even blockbuster is sellin them for under 10 bucks - we just picked up a 1 gig for 6.99 from there. Thanks bro
  11. Agreed Here I am, front and center. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. This a garage sale forum. To the best of my knowledge, one can bargain for the best price, or pay asking price, what ever there little heart desires. As I said, I though it was a decent deal for a used unit. Price wise, there are plenty of them on ebay way below list. I assume you felt you were helping out the buyer, a fine a noble thing to do, while I thought I was defending the seller asking a fair price. Right or wrong...no damage done. SwampYankee
  12. Sorry anethema, that particular response was meant for SwampYankee ,
  13. Just finished a 175 mile trip w/ the 260... and I have to 2nd, er.. 3rd the original "DUMBED down" description... refresh is terrible en route - I thought initially it was cause I was on battery - but I plugged in & it was the same... it was chasing my truck, like a vw trying to keep up with my 750 sportbike Then I thought it was a redraw pull cause I had it set on the higest detail possible.. I switched back to "normal"... same thing = like a tired old dog... My GPS V shows me "traveling" on the screen at a better/more accurate rate in grayscale!!!. Luckily, I uploaded an extra map section to the 60c prior to the ride & had it (as well) running to guage the... er, inaccuracy... ? Also, I much more prefer the 60's upcoming turn in "_____ minutes", etc as opposed to the 260's "miles only". Whats up with that? Did customer feedback determine this [in the design]? It IS much easier to disertain / prepare for whats ahead in terms of time as opposed to "how far" !!! "How Far" depends on your speed man... duh If I'm driving 55 and the wife is driving 70, well she's gonna come up on that exit way before me, But we're both gonna have the same UPCOMING READOUT!!!! so she'd better not make that call to the boss thinking she has time to review something.... just my opinion based on 10 years of street navigation anyway. As I said above; this is goin back for a refund... maybe (with regret) I'll try a TomTom - Garmin really let me down here... And to think.. I've been telling people "Yea, the price(s) have really come down since I purchased my units" Ha, no wonder !!
  14. Hmmmm... tell me more bud. This is so much better than reading the reviews
  15. Arrrrgggghhhhh.... I picked up a 260 and talk about a "DUMBED DOWN" unit! you nailed that one SergZak I will use this tomorrow for a 75 mile ride to an amusement park and most likely return it on Saturday. For the record: It dosen't find the fastest routes & the maps aren't as detailed as in my 60c - - they're pretty & I kinda liked the 3d view.... but can't I switch to overhead? Man the manual is like 3 x 4 inches..... As he said above.... SoccerMom material. I've only had an hour... so, maybe I'll have a awakening ?
  16. anethema, I'm not "stepping on" anyone. I've used gps's for over a decade & was getting ready to jump to the Nuvi series for the Jeep & pickup so the 60c can stay in my pack. I was shopping around / inquiring here as to pros/cons on various models - Garmin of course as they have always been good to me as well. Sorry, I always pass on the knowledge regarding price & availability. Others have did so for me in many different instances and saved me money & headaches. Yes, factor in shipping (although shipping can very often be found free) & its a decent grab; but again.. that should be an informed choice... and people in this area [of the forum] are often newbies... who could use a little help. Anyway, I'm off my soapbox & don't want this to turn into a debate - please don't misinterpret my steadfastness, but I will continue to pass on my findings... Be well & safe.
  17. Ahhhh... I'm a bit bummed to hear of the ill-configurability option.. or lack thereof Can I at least check distances as well as zoom in and out??? I was actually hoping to pick one up tonight based on my reponses from you guys (and girls)
  18. I've used GPSs for years now, before they were popular. .. I regularly use my 60c that I've had for years both on and off the trail as I'm an avid hiker, climber, camper & jeeper .... My question is; I'm about to take the plunge to the Nuvi series for the truck & jeep (the 60c's windshield mount finally broke & this has given me the excuse to keep it in my pack) and have a dedicated unit for the vehicles (aside for the GPS V I've kept as my backup). Which unit do you all reccomend? I prefer to stay GARMIN as the equipment and company has always treated me well. I don't need bluetooth or mp3 playback, or a photoviewer...... I have other tech that does this. Although I do enjoy options... I'm one of those guys who uses ALL the features and tools of his cell phone & feels the Rhino walkie talkie IS worth the money! I'd like a comprehensive map that I can in some manner UPDATE as necessary, and text to speech would be a nice addition to the experience. The ability to transfer my waypoints would be nice.. as well as do everything and more that I can now with my 60c (aside from caching of course)... Pros, Cons, experiences & opinions are encouraged - please. As always, thanks in advance!
  19. Its available HERE, new, with the Garmin warranty for only 129.00 ?!
  20. Its available HERE, new, with the Garmin warranty for only 129.00 ?!
  21. Hey, Thanks again Mamma - I needed that program to convert for a trek to some ruins in the Pine Barrens forest NJ This weekend's jeep trip - You're okay in my book ps -> how's your math classes going....
  22. But my 60c has a 1000 waypoint capacity?!?! Ok, it's been a while since I've taken math in school so maybe they've changed it. But 441 divided by 1000 is 44.1 percent. I was just teasing you mama
  23. I've never enabled proximity alerts.... I just deleted about 400 waypoints (previous customers from last job). Is there a way to enable prox alerts for specific waypoints... I don't remember & though since a few are following this thread maybe I could save the labor of a search??
  24. Good to hear you have MapSource (MS). I looked over the two POI files (Red_Light_Camera, and Speed_Trap) and the total waypoints to cover NJ and Philly are 441. Here's what you can do. Open one .gpx file in MS and select all the POIs that interest you using the Selection Tool. Copy them and Paste into a "new" MS application. Then open the second .gpx file (in the first MS app) and do the same copy/paste operation. The result will be the one new MS app with the two selected groups of POIs combined for the total 441 waypoints. Upload into your 60C and you're all set. Yep - I started to zoom in to philly/nj and select em this morning but didn't have enough time.... have an easier way?
  25. But my 60c has a 1000 waypoint capacity?!?!
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