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Garmin 60csx Vs 18 & Streaming Data


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Hey guys-

I don't know all the technical lingo behind all this, but I'll give it my best shot. I know of ways to utilize the Garmin 18, through a program like GPSGate, to incorporate into Google Earth, or any other mapping program. My goal is to get Real Time in Google Earth from my 60csx.


From all the trials of various setups I've tried this weekend- I'm coming to one conclusion. The 60CSX doesn't freely stream data out on its own. I can use other apps, like MapSource, to go in and RETRIEVE information from the unit- but- it doesn't freely send out information on its own without being asked for it. I'm not sure if this is true, but it's the best I can determine thus far.


Comparing it to the Garmin 18- it seems like the Garmin 18 freely sends out info when connected to USB. Even tho it's the same Garmin protocol in both setups, the 18 has no problem transmitting its data out to other programs on its own, to create REAL TIME input to Google Earth. Again, I don't know if THAT is to be true or not either.


Does anyone know, or have a better idea than I do, whether this to be true, in either case? Does the Garmin 18 freely send out info on its own to apps like Streets & Trips, Google Earth, etc? Does the 60csx?


If that's the case, how would I go about getting the 60CSX to do this properly?


To give some backstory- I installed GPSGate- a program that claims it will take the Garmin USB protocol, and convert it to the NMEA standard via a virtual com port. Everything there seems to be working properly. I've also tested this on various other apps, and again, working properly. It's just not getting any info being sent out of my 60CSX. It just sits there, with no data feed coming out of the sucker. Any ideas? I'm getting desperate here...


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Robert Lipe will probably provide more details and corrections. But my limited understanding is that the new 60cx/csx models use a different implimentation of the USB protocol than the 60c/cs. Therefore programs that were written to work with the latter will need some modifications to work with the new units. If that's the case, then your current problem is likely to be solved by new releases of GPSGate and other software that you can now use with the older models.


OTOH, AFAIK, all Garmins that have RS-232 interfaces support the NMEA standard on those ports which includes autonomously sending realtime position and other data. So if your PC has an RS-232 interface you could just use an appropriate cable to the round connector of the 60csx and it should work with all software that is looking for NMEA data. Or you could use a USB <-> RS-232 adapter cable to do the same thing with a USB port on your computer as long as the software can work with NMEA data coming in through a USB port.

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Your GPS will work with USAPhotoMaps, for which, you can get at this LINK for FREE.


USAPhotoMaps works simular to Google Earth, but you don't need a constant internet connection with USAPhotoMaps, also it will track your position using Garmin Serial Protocol, or Serial 4800 baud NMEA.


With USAPhotoMaps, you can download the Aerial photos, and Topo maps off of the internet, onto your laptop, then go tracking on this software.


Google Earth has said that they do not support much of anything other than just Data Transfer of Routes, waypoint, and Tracks to Google Earth from your GPS.



There is presently a problem with using serial interface with Google Earth using my Map60C, but the USB works with it fine, but Garmin went and changed the USB protocol again with the x-series, so it may not work with Google Earth, so at this time, try out USAPhotoMaps, using a Combo Power/Data cable for your GPSmap60CSx, and you can get those for as low as $15 or so from EBAY.


TopoFusion is another map program that can overlay TOPO ontop of Aerial photos, and it tracks nicely using my GPS Map60C






PS - Trying to help the best way I know, for the cheapest way to go about tracking your position from a laptop.

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Peter, Geoff and Olar-

Thanks a ton for all the help here. Olar- no, I haven't tried nRoute- how/where do I get that from?


Peter and Geoff- I sincerely appreciate all the help here! So, my options are:


1) Buy a Serial Cable AND a USB>Serial Adapter and use the NMEA standard for output. (***Problem is I'm hearing rumblings that this will not work properly- something to do with the USB->Serial Adapter screwing things up- any insights?)


2) Use different mapping programs that claim to work


3) Get rid of the 60CSX and pickup a different unit that works much better with all these other programs.


Is this correct?

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