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Uk Groundspeak.com Too Big?

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Hi guys,


I don't want to come over as a cheeky newbie but at 100,000+ posts the UK part of Groundspeak.com rivals the total size of the US section, but IMHO doesn't have an appropriate structure that recognises that fact - apart from the sensible stickies up top. I merely posit the view that the UK section of Groundspeak.com is like an elephant in the bottom of a wardrobe - its size means it just cannot stay as it is. Let the debate begin ... does it need more structure, if so what?



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In the off topic section there is a single thread with over 60,000 posts and another with over 40,000 posts.


We're bigger than some countries becuase they have separate websites that people have used. We have geocacheUK as an alternative, but few people use it. Other countries, like New Zealand, don't use groundpeak at all, they have a single post directing you to a different website.


I don't see any issues though, except the missing search feature



EDIT - no spelling mistakes here, just typos

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I love the free for all of a single forum. I can just sweep down and read all sort of interesting things without have to jump around.


Also, don't have to spend ages agonising which sub forum to post in, or have to worry about the forum police moaning that it's in the wrong place.


If only the search facility worked....


Or perhaps the ability to build a personal archive of useful articles. I used a forum once that allowed you to mark posts or threads and they would appear in a personal folder that you could also structure.

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We're not sure what the problem is - in this case size surely doesn't matter? We both belong to other forums, several of which make GC look fairly modest in size. The system works; why try to fix it? If there is a solution it would be to filter out all the garbage - a significant percentage of threads have nothing to do with geocaching..

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I think I understand where the OP is coming from, the USA forums (not talking all the off topic and such like) have 166,000 posts, yet are devided into 6 different regions, yet the UK posts are 2/3 of all the USA's and only have the one area to post on.


This doesn't actually bother me, because if you go by percentages of people versus posts, then it looks to me as despite it is US ran, the UK have more of an interest in it, or is it all the so called dreaded Congratulations Threads, and the threads complaining about them that bump up our figures. :(

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