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Pda Display Readability

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As a newbie to geocaching I quickly saw the advantage of paperless caching. Since I had never owned a PDA, I figured that their display would be similar to that of most Gps receivers. Based on that concept I purchased a Palm Z22 which is a great device. I especially like the simplicity of use and the more than ample memory to hold 100's of cache pages. It wasn't until my first trip to the field that I discovered that the display was next to impossible to read in bright daylight. I ended up always looking for a shady place in order to view the screen. Is this a problem with all, or most PDAs? What models offer good readability in daylight conditions?

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I have an older palm IIIxe and new Z22.

The LCD display on the old unit reads better in direct sunlight.

The Z22 is a much better unit, smaller as well.

If I turn the screen light off "low" and adjust the contrast to very light it is readable in the sunlight. Try playing with the contrast adjustment while in the sun.

Also if you are using Cachmate pick a very large font from the options.

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I'm very new to this so this should be taken in that spirit of a newbie. I'm running a Dell X51v and the sun does play hell with the display. I need good shade for a reasonable display. Of course, you can supply that with your own shadow. It's just a minor problem for now but we shall see after I get more expirence.

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