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Replacing Muggled Caches


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I recently had my first muggled cache. It was not a terribly hard find, as it was mainly for kids to find, and full of nothing but kiddie swag. It did have the Geocaching information sheet in it. When you are replacing a muggled cache, I figure there are two schools of thought:


1. Replace the cache in exactly the same spot, thinking that whomever muggled the first one won't think it will reappear in exactly the same spot, or


2. Put the cache in a spot nearby, with new coords, thinking that the spot was too obvious, and will prob. be muggled by someone else or same person.


Discuss. TIA!!!


Happy Caching!

Lori V.


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I have had a few muggled caches lately. I replaced one in almost the same spot, moving it only about six feet and closer to a spikey plant, hoping muggles won't bother it there. :huh:


Another cache had been a unique container I couldn't replace. :( I had to put the new container in a slightly different location, so I adjusted the coords for that one and changed the hint.


I have replaced three other muggled caches in the exact same spot. If they go missing again, I'll have to rethink that . . . :(

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I agree.


If the muggle hadn't wanted what he found, he wouldn't have taken it.


Now that he knows a secret spot for getting "goodies" he'll be back.


If he took it once, he'll take it again.


In a thief's mind, YOU'RE to blame for putting stuff out for the taking: he's just doing the normal thing by taking it.

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I've replaced 4 muggled caches - 2 in the same spot (and they have survived nicely) and 2 with slightly new coordinates. Once I see what has happened it became obvious if the hide area was comprimised. I think it is always a risk to put it back in exactly the same spot but generally I think they are muggled by accidental discovery and the thief does not expect it to reappear. (at least that is true for most of my hides).

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