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trying to find the link that i seen on here a few months ago about taking your garmin apart and fixing the connection with the led creen so that it doesnt get them irrotating horizontal lines in them. i tried the search feature but it is down right now. can someone help me out here. i have my legend apart, just dont know how to help the problem.

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I found a thread, but minus all the photos:



Old thread:



Here is the Link to the PDF file on the Etrex Repair you can do yourself:

Etrex Repair PDF at this link


This is such a problem, take a look at the link below:

This is a Google search of the Forums

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Good job, GOT GPS! How did you do that??!!

EDIT: Ahh.... I see. Love that Google! Learned something! Thanx GOT!

Maybe the moderator would agree to pin a post on top about how to do this for everyone?


BTW - on the subject: Have opened and "fixed" the battery springs and LCD flexprint connector on my wife's Etrex Venture 3 times. It's due again (lines on LCD display, this time). It's not all that difficult. But - I would not trust the waterpoof-ness of it anymore, but that's not a problem for us.


Edit2: In addition to the stuff shown on the pdf, you also want to stretch out & clean the springs from the battery compartment to the electronics, and clean the contact spots on the PCB also. Electrical contact cleaner and a Q-tip best. Soft pencil eraser works too. Keep the eraser "crumbs" out of the unit.

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Check to pdf file. It's the flat (usually gray) "wires" going to the display. It fits under the "pressure bar" refered to in the pdf. Good pics in there as well. Somewhere I have a more "text oriented" write-up on this also. I'll post it or link to it if I can find it.


Go for it! If you at all handy, it's not that difficult. Watch out for static also. Be sure you are grounded well. Don't walk across the carpet on then pick up the unit when it's open. You can use some small amounts of "DOW-Corning Silicone Sealer" (bathtub tile & caulksealer) to hold on the outside black "rubberband" if it is loose when you finish.

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So i took my unit apart hoping to fix the issue I was having with the screen.. it doesn't look like it did much.. I seem to be missing the upper "title bar" of my unit (the one with the menu selections, etc). I can only seem to make it show very slightly if I apply pressure to the "power" side of the unit ( I now know that is where the ribbon feeds to the LED screen.) I wonder if any of you have any experience with this or should I attempt a repair with Garmin? I have a basic legend and am looking to upgrade soon... trying to balance the costs.

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