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Explorist Battery Backup


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While doing research on my upcoming Christmas present I ran across a reference to a clip-on AAA battery backup for the eXplorist 400/500/600. Has anyone else heard of or seen one of these? It would seem to be a handy thing to have.





It's called the Battery Adapter for miniSync by BoxWave. They work well, great for travel and overnight hiking trips.

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The clip-on battery pack of which you speak does not seem to be the one linked in this thread.


When the Explorists first came out, there was talk of a small adapter that allowed you to put three AAA batteries inside the battery compartment to power the GPS. So far as I know, this has not been made.


I've used a device similar to the charging box shown by Fathergoose. It works, but it's sort of a pain. Don't forget to keep fresh batteries in it and plug your GPS in at night.



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One thing to note is that to charge, the GPS needs to be turned off. It will not power and charge at the same time. If your GPS is turned on and hooked up to the charger it will pull power and run from that but will not recharge. I have mostly used it to charge at the end of day.

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