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  1. ehdottomasti kannattaa ostaa malli jossa on sd korttipaikka, itse odottaisin ainakin jos garminin haluaa että x mallit tulevat joskus keväällä niin ei sitten tule suru puseroon kun uudet kartat eivät mahdukkaan sisäiseen muistiin. Itse ostin magellanin explorist 600:n ja topo suomi kartan, mutta tietysti jos lähinnä autonavigaattori härpäkettä olet haluamassa niin sitten ei välttämättä explorist ole paras vaihtoehto, vaikka tuo streets and destinations kyllä ihan mukavasti kaikki Suomen tiet näyttää
  2. Silly me, the problem was that I didn't delete the base maps, so there actually wasn't enough space to update, I thought I did when I copied them, but nevermind, the update went smoothly and everything works
  3. yes I'm pretty sure, but I emailed magellan tech support, I bet they'll have an answer
  4. My local gps dealer said that there would be coming a AA battery back that you can use instead of the lit ion that you mount on the back of the unit, for the explorist series sometime this spring, didn't find any info on the magellan site so could be bs.
  5. I keep getting a "Please make sure there is space on the card and files are not write protected" when I click on "continue to upload" and it won't update the firmware for my explorist 600, if I then boot the unit while the update exe is still running, upon startup it will start the update process and say "Upload complete!!!" and give a "Warning unable to delete temporary files", but it doesn't actually update it, every time I plug it back in it says current version 1.67 and there are no changes on the unit, what the hell Am I doing wrong, and yes I have cleared the memory just like the nfo tells me to do before trying to update
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