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Logging Canadian Geocoins


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Groundspeak charges US$1.50 per trackable coin. So it is expensive. As well, Groundspeak has final approval over a coin's design, if it is to be considered for trackability on the geocaching website.


It's not really worth it in the end, in my opinion. Few coins make more than a few hops before ending up in someone's coin collection and out of circulation. Coins rarely travel as far as most travel bugs do.

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Actually, when these coins were produced, tracking was not available on GC.com except for Moun10Bike coins and USA Geocoins. Even if the coin creator would have wanted them tracked the ability was not there. This is a relatively recent addition. These geocoins have been around since 2002 or so. If you found a low numbered coin, you found a real treat.

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