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  1. I had some initial problems with the Zip file, as my unzip crashed too. I'm running Vista on a laptop, and the unzip closed explorer with an error. I didn't realize the first time, and installed the maps not knowing that it wasn't complete (not a pretty sight!). When I figured it out, i un-installed using Mapsettoolkit, then downloaded the unzip utility from PKZip. It ran without a hitch, and the maps installed with no problem into MapSource. I hope this helps out some of those that have had the unzip fail. Thanks Ibycus for these great maps!!
  2. For sure the Bog is a neat place. Right now the actual London Bog cache is not active, as it was muggled. Our own cache - Bambi's in the Hood is the other cache in the Bog - at the other end. It is a neat hike and one is almost guaranteed to see wildlife!
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    Hey there, I was just out in Vancouver for work and just returned to Ontario. Your route sounds similar, as I did some caches in Stanley Park and out at UBC. My favourite of all the bunch was Acadia Beach. It had a beautiful view. The Stanley Park ones were okay - I ended up doing a couple of micros in there (I did it while running). The nicest may have been "Is it 4:20pm already?!?" , as it took you near some nice gardens. I also did "Vancouver Decachelon - Stump Jumping" I enjoyed that one as I had a real hard time with reception, so I was glad to finally find. I had a hard time with quite a few caches in the downtown and Stanley Park area, as so many muggles were about. A very interesting Fountain indeed!!! was a fun micro and is on the way to Stanley Park. Hope this helps. Legofamily
  4. You can add Bronze Bridge View (it's on your Springbank route). It's a tricky little one. Other than those, I'm at a loss for anything too unique or historic. I guess I'll have to get hiding some caches!
  5. Hey JARS, On the scenic side, you could try the River Stroll Series that goes through Springbank Park and some of the trails system (paved). It's a very nice area -great for a picnic. If you have wee ones, you can visit Storybook Gardens while you are there. We did the series on bikes, which is a fun way. It can be a busy spot on weekends though, and it's more of a park series - not wilderness. As an added bonus, several caches are near by, should you have the time. In terms of unique, the two most unique ones I can think of are London Transit, where you take the cache and re-hide it (in London) and Get Clicking - a webcam cache in downtown. Make sure you get the coordinates for London Transit from the last log, not the cache page. Hope this helps, Legofamily
  6. I have a Forerunner 201 that I've had for a couple of years as I'm a runner. I also have a Garmin GPS12. The Forerunner does just fine Geocaching and has been a real workhorse for me. I'm still unsure if it has more reception problems than larger units, but most of the time it operates quite well and I would recommend.
  7. Thanks. That's too bad. I really wanted the icon thingy!
  8. Hi All, I picked up a Canadian Geocoin today and logged it at geocoins.ca. Can we not log them into geocaching.com too, so it shows on our stats? I tried to figure it out, but I think geocaching.com only allows U.S. geocoins. Thanks! Legofamily
  9. Interesting discussion. I'm a Cub leader in Canada. Scouts Canada has a "Pack Specialty" badge, where you identify a unique skill not covered by other badges. See Pack Specialty Badge . At first, we were considering taking our pack on a cache hunt, but now we're also thinking of creating criteria for making our speciality badge about geocaching.
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