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Gps Usability Article


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Some of you will remember me asking for people to fill in a questionnaire on GPS usability. That was much earlier on in this year, and now the fruits of that labour are showing. Check out Usability News for the complete article.


I really want to thank everyone who helped out by filling in the questionnaire, told their stories and those who supplied pics of their busted GPS recievers, even though they didn't use any of them in the end (Brick, that mean you :rolleyes: , now don't bust ur new one)

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I didn't know that you were on the HCI side of computing.... Good on you.


A very interesting read, it is always nice to see people putting research into a practical field and looking at what users want rather than what programmers think. But let’s not go there.


The usability index of GPSr’s (for me) is quite bad, since we have only recently attached the GPSr to the computer and previously had to enter all coordinates by hand. All we need is for MAC or Sony Erickson to create GPSr’s and we will be on the home stretch.


(Part 2)

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