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<_< Well, we feel as dumb as a stick. We've been reading how everyone is doing so well, finding their caches. And here we are, not being able to find anything...well, except the one that we were shown.


I know our GPS co-ordinates are a little off, but we know this area well enough to fingure out where the cache SHOULD be. With a hint that says "in the hollow of a tree 75 paces west of marker", you'd think that it would be fairly easy right? Well, here comes that dumb stick part. We have been out there three times, (for at least 1.5 hrs each time) and still can't find it.


What are we doing wrong? Is it time to try another sport? If anyone has any secrets that will help get us pointed in the right direction, we would sure appreciate hearing it. Thanks....in advance :P

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After running a "Closest to the Pin" game at a local picnic I was surprised at the distances that some people had from the pin. Depending on the GPS unit you have, you may be able to 'reinitialize' it and hopefully get better reception.


For my Magellan Sportrak - it can be re-initialized from the menu especially if you have travelled over 200km since you last turned it on....Place it outside and let it sit for a *few minutes to get a good lock on the satellites. The internal 'almanac' needs to be updated. *I have heard up to 1/2 hour suggested to get a good update.


Make sure that your Primary and Secondary Map Datums are set to WGS84 (as mentioned), your Coordinate system is set to Lat/Lon DEG.MIN.MMM (should be default).


I found out that the battery "save mode" on my MAP 60cs will not let WAAS work correctly. For Garmins try this site for a Hard Reset : Secret Startup Commands for Garmin handhelds (Use at your own risk, it will wipe out all data on the unit).


Full batteries make all the difference too as well as if you are under tree cover or close to an escarpment or rock face. Good luck and let us know if any suggestions help.

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