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Introduction For New Cachers

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In this post Teasel suggested that an e-mail get sent out to anyone placing their first cache in the UK.


In order to help Eckington and I come up with some ideas of what it should contain I'd like to ask you what you would expect to see in such a note. Try to keep your ideas geocaching related and within the bounds of decency! B)B)

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Should you also include SSSI within this, these are probably of even greater importance as placing a cache can affect the ecology of these areas.


Earthcaches on SSSI should be OK as these are meant to introduce people to areas of natural importance. We should make sure though that people are aware of the sensitivity of these areas and request they use common sense when visiting.


Milton (aka moote)

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This is exactly what I had in mind, in the discussion on the other thread - As far as I can see those GAGB guidelines say it all - It covers everything that the "first time hider" needs to be aware of.

It would also be helpful if there was a page of information somewhere entitled "Who owns that land? How to get your permission." but maybe that's another subject worthy of a different thread..... Mrs B

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I can't recall seeing it in the guidelines, but I'm happy to be corrected! Letterboxing on Dartmoor has regulations preventing the use of ammo cans. This is a particular problem to Dartmoor, being so extensively used by the military, and they try to discourage people from tampering with old military supplies in case they DON'T contain a logbook and rubber stamp! Is it worth recommending that ammo cans are not used in 'sensitive' areas?


Just a thought!



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Thanks for your contributions. I think we've incorporated your suggestions and Eckington has put together a document for sending to cache placers. Let's see how it goes.

....it looks as if the letter has started going out, many thanks for all your suggestions :rolleyes: .


Cheers and Cache Well,


Eckington :ph34r: (a la Anne Robinson)

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