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Here Is A Good Way To Fund Your New Geocoin

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But the question still remains, can you sell a personal coin "not for profit", just for an 'at cost' price?


Also, I think you can still sale it 'for profit' even if it has the gc.com address on it. All those trackable coins out there have 'Track this coin at geocaching.com' written on it.

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I'm a n00b (only 115 found so far in two months) but I already know of "The Legend of Snoogans"! I've only bought one coin so far (ok I bought 2 of the same coin) and it's a special edition Holiday Coin for Christmas.


I'd be happy to purchase a couple of Snoogans coins. How could one go wrong when buying a coin from Snoogs? I'd have one to keep and one to (hopefully) trade for another legendary coin.



I ***really*** wish I could have a coin made from my icon but it isn't my artwork so I don't think I could get away with it without being sued.

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You can only get away with that if you don't use the gc.com logo or website address. As soon as you put gc.com on your personal, not for profit use coin, you screw yourself.

I believe you can put the words www.geocaching.com on your personal coin as much as you like and still sell them.


However if you want to buy tracking numbers from GC.com for your own personal coins you must aggree to thier terms. And they say you must agree you will not sell them.


Pictures are different though. using thier logo without permission would be a bad idea.


I could be wrong and reserve that right. :D

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