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Iron Goat Trail


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Today, Prying Pandora, Little Blue and myself went off in search of Iron Goat Trail. Due to time problems, and the fact that I parked in a very wrong place that cost us almost two hours, we will have to try again next week. We have set Wednesday as the day. If anyone wants to join us you are welcome. We now know how to get to the parking lot, so there should not be the problems next week that we had this week.

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Hey, the Iron Goat Trail, that sounds like fun! <_<


Can't wait- what a beautiful area. Sorry we had to cut the day short- getting back to pick up my girls from school was a hard deadline. Thanks to WeightMan and Prying Pandora for being so undertstanding <_< . Looking forward to the 'real' hike next week. But I did have a wonderful time today- the mountains were beautiful, the hills were a riot of color, we had a fun ride in the back of a pick-me-up truck, and I even had a snickerdoodle :mad: .


Until next week!

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I'm supposed to work at 4PM. Whats the timeline? The schedule at work is pretty loose this week and my vision has been a bit blurred as of late. (Must be the Alaska hangover. :) )


Also I ran into a couple of cachers from CA today.digitalfish is in town for a week of caching and I will toss them a note about this run to see if perhaps they are interested.


Ahh yes. Is this Biking or hiking? I still have yet to get a bike into my geocaching supply inventory.

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I'm supposed to work at 4PM.  Whats the timeline?  The schedule at work is pretty loose this week and my vision has been a bit blurred as of late.  (Must be the Alaska hangover. B) )


Ahh yes.  Is this Biking or hiking? I still have yet to get a bike into my geocaching supply inventory.

Definitely hiking. As best I remember, they don't allow bikes on Iron Goat.


We need to be done in time for LittleBlue to pick up her kids from school, so that may work perfectly for your timeline as well, CENT5. Especially if your work schedule is loose and you're afflicted by a pesky vision problem that seems to be contagious. :)


What's your timetable again, LittleBlue?


Edit: grammar

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Prying Pandora and I will be leaving the Renton P&R at 8:30. We will stop and pick up Little Blue in Duvall. We should be at the Wellington parking lot around 10:30. Entry to the Wellington parking is off of Hwy 2 at N47° 44.759 and W121° 05.629.


Nolenator, are you feeling ill? If so, where do you want to meet us?


Edit: Would you believe I had 122°? <_<

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Argh! The car trouble just gets worse. :mad: Not only is the van gasping and chugging like it has a bad vacuum leak, but the rear tire has a puncture too close to the sidewall to be repaired. They don't have the tire in stock so the van has to limp by on its itty bitty spare tire for a week. I really don't want to send Phil all the way to work in Issaquah like that, but I should be able to limp it to the PnR all right.


Would you mind driving again, Weightman? Please? I'll help with the gas. :D

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I'll throw my hat in the ring. I'll be in the CRV which will hold five. The Totem Lake P&R is down the street from me if any one would like a ride.





What time are we looking to get started?

Prying Pandora and I will pick up Little Blue at Little Rock at Big Rock about 9:30 ish. Why not meet us there since there will just be the three of us with you.

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I saw this thread this morning before heading out to Lt Si, and on the way thought of trying to connect up with you. Avoiding traffic I ended up in Duval and made some calls. Just about that time I started feeling ill so I continued on with my original plan. At about Snoqualmie falls I was feeling horible and turned toward I 90 hoping I could make it home. I felt sick all the way but made it. Must be the flu I suppose. Slept 3 hours and feel better now. I hope you guys had a great time. Sorry to dump out on you. I should have at least stayed and said hello.

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