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The Worst Gps's For Caching.


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I've seen threads in here on what is the best GPS for caching, but what should we avoid. Be honest and reasonable, people looking for a new unit might come in this thread for info.


What are the worst GPS units, as far as caching, or any other activity. Will they not hold a signal, are they a pain to operate, or do they just have too many problems to be useful.

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I didn't know cobra made compasses. I've heard good things about Cobra radios I looked in a catalogue at the Cobra GPSr's, I didn't like the way they looked, the design, and the screen layouts didn't look as coherent as the good brands, Lowrance, Garmin, and Magellan.


So far only Cobra has been mentioned, but I guess that is because most units are made well and are laid out well (i.e. menus and screens.)

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I would have to agree that Cobra is probably one of the low ones on the totem pole. I didn't know any better when I purchased my Cobra 1000DLX. At the time it seemed pretty cool. I was able to upgrade the memory, nice big screen and it came with mapping software. Cobra may not be the best and have all the bells and whistles, but can it do the job? Yes it can, just takes more work. He's a link to a post of mine. You would think that Garmin would catch on to the rest of the market and give us the ability to upgrade the memory.


Cobra DLX1000


The Cobra just didn't cut it when I got hooked on geocaching. So I went out and purchased GPSmap60cs, Legend C, Legend, Tungsten E2, IPAQ 2215 (actually aready had it) Cachemate and soon GSAK.

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