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Sa Cachers Can't Climb?

Tom & Jerry

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My cache ,Crystal Pools, was hidden in October 2003, and was only found in July 2004, and has not been found sice (except by the elusive Brad, who doesn;t log caches.

This makes me sad, as this is still one of my favourite places in the whole western cape, and not one single Capetonian has found it :-(


Allow me to quote from Colinbo's log.


"What a fantastic cache! This must be one of the best I have done. It has lain undisturbed for more than nine months and it takes a Gautenger to unearth it. What is wrong with the cachers in the Cape - tired of all that beauty?"


Now won't someone else please go find it - its not that hard even!

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Well there is still one more to be found out of those two. But who will it be, I was thinking of going to do the second one, Mikes Pass (GCR6R9), but they said at the gate, "How meester, we cennot aylaaw joo to tayke dis Car up there, it is onlee for de fo by fo".


They seriously underestimate my Corsa Lite..... I mean it did go to Memel Escarpment (GCY1NM) with it. And as reported by other cachers in their logs it seemed to be on the tough side.


And while on the subject of climbing I see that there are going to be a few in the Cathedral Peak area that may be unvisited for a looong time. Someone gonna prove me wrong?


Here are some more high altitude caches:

Cathedral Peak - GC15TNW

Cathedral Peak second prize - GC15WEB

Mitre - GC12TZN

Twins Peak - GC12TZ8

The Amphitheater's Crack - GCHV1Y

Dragons Cave - GCGCEM

Just Climb It GCF9FC


Interestingly enough there are so close to each other some of these caches but can still take a few hours to get to from one to the other.


So where are them climbers out there or at least the good hikers?

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