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Explorist 600 For Sale On Ebay


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I don't mean to nitpick and I'm certainly not ragging on you but there are two things you (and many others) did very, very wrong. Speaking as an old PowerSeller on eBay maybe I can help you and others maximize your auctions on eBay....


Padding the shipping cost by $10 didn't help at all. Yeah, the big ripoff artists on eBay inflate shipping costs to lessen eBay's cut of their profits but it makes an individual seller look less than stellar when they do it. Look at it this way - if the seller is gonna rip me off on shipping cost, can I trust him to be honest every other way? Also, the higher-end buyer you're looking for is probably smart enough to factor shipping costs into their final cost.


Starting the auction at $300 with a BIN of $305 netted you more expense and NO bids. You paid higher eBay fees to list it and turned off lots of buyers. Start your auction off low for two reasons - you lower eBay's insertion fee and you also generate interest in your item. Bids attract more bids and after 30 bids, your item gets a HOT icon, the seller's holy grail.


It's human nature to want something other people want and nothing gets a buyer's attention like seeing a bunch of bids on a particular item, they have to see what all the attention is about. And once you get a bidder, they hate to let someone else have it. That's one reason you see such bidding frenzy in the last minutes of an auction and why eBay newbies hate snipe bidders like me. :lol: You can always cancel the auction in the last few minutes if you think it will go for less than you want but I've only canceled two out of about 1500.


Wanna see what I'm talking about? I listed an Explorist 600 with a 512mb SD card and a Sportrak Color doing exactly what I'm talking about, let's see how they do...

Explorist 600 w/ 512mb SD card

STC w/ Topo USA


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ending auction earily only due to lack of bids/ not getting what you want for item is not a valid reason to end auction earily. Thats why ebay has a reserve price option, its sellers like this that make ebay not work correctly. I sell and buy on ebay all the time and I hate when i see this type of stuff go on. Yes over priced shipping will cost a sell alot of the time never get gready on shipping if you sell quality stuff and list it at the average going rate it will sell. You never know it may go for more than you ever expected thats the great thing about ebay.

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I got what I wanted for the 600 outside eBay so canceled the auction. Both the Magellans I got rid of sold for just what I wanted for them. My other Magellan had a bid I was happy with from a buyer who'd emailed me so we closed it early so he could use it in his Big Brother atctivites. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. :D


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Interesting that you had only cancelled "2 out of 1500" auctions before -- and then cancelled your two "example" ones. Guess you'll have to say "4 out of 1502" now?


Also, hard to prove a point when we only have your word to go on, you know? You said "let's see how they do..." -- but then never really gave us the chance to do that.


Oh well.


- John...

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I got what I wanted for the 600 outside eBay so canceled the auction.

I wish evilbay would do away with cancelling an auction because it was sold elsewhere. Makes it a waste of my time to bid on such items if a seller has the option to pull the plug early. IMHO, it is a bad practice. But, well within the rules I guess...

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You guys need to read a little better. I had a local offer for the 600 that was to my liking so I canceled the auction. (The auction caused that attention) It was a better net price than I would have gotten after paying ebay fees and I would have hated to deal with anybody that would pay more than that for it. The STC, I had a guy email me through eBay and I publicly told him what I'd take for it. He took it, we agreed and finished the auction. Nothing underhanded there.


Sure, I might have gotten more for them but I broke even on the 600, better than I thought I'd do, seeing it's a POS and I eliminated a lot of eBay fees. I made two people happy. The guy that wanted the STC was a Big Brother that wanted it for his kid. I was more than happy to let it go early so he could use it over the weekend. We both got great feedback for it and warm fuzzies.


Bottom line, I got lots of attention and bids. I sold them for what I wanted way before the auctions were to close. To me it beats the heck out of paying eBay fees for an auction, setting ridiculous parameters for them and not getting a bid. My auctions got me plenty of exposure and it worked very well and very quickly.


Like I said, be reasonable in opening price, term and shipping, it gives you a mantle of honesty. I had lots of emails about the items and was out front with all of them. I'm happy and my buyers are happy.. Can you beat that?


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All I read into is BLA BLA BLA I don't like ebay fees and will cheat the system when I can. Why would you not get the max top dollar if bidding was going well thats the whole part of selling on ebay you win some and you lose some but don't kill the system because you don't want to pay the fees. If you don't like the fees don't play the game. I don't like the way you sell on ebay i am sure you already got that, but the reason is a person will focus on an item and bid on it hoping to win only to have the a** cancle the auction early because it was not going for enough money. Your whole story has some large holes in it, like the last minute buy frenzy prices jumping at the last minute. How does that ever happen if you cancle the auction early. And if you read the Rules your not getting enough for the item is not a valid reason to cancle early. You give ebay a bad name and I Hope I never run across any of your auctions. I like to deal with honest people not shady types.

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Search Help



No where does it state end early due to not high enough bids.


Ending Your Listing Early


Sometimes something goes wrong and you can't complete your listing as planned. If needed, you can choose to end your listing before the scheduled date. If there are bids on your item, you can cancel them.


Reasons for ending listings early include:

Note: Your account will still be charged listing fees (such as the Insertion Fee) if you end your listing early. Consider revising your listing first if there are aspects of it you want to change or improve.


The item is no longer available for sale.

There was an error in the starting price or reserve amount.

There was an error in the listing.

The item was lost or broken.

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