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Geocache "call In" Internet Radio Show


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Hey, My Friend/cacher has this internet radio station (Ablivion Radio) and we were talking about making a Geocache Talk radio show, Mabye having it during the "Official" Geocache Chat on Mondays, People could call in and talk to each other, or just talk about Geocaching in General using this program called Skype, and mabye even have Special Guests.


Please post any Comments ,Input , Flames..

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This would be a LIVE show, not one you downloaded..

Yes, I understand. But I think there would be a lot of folks interested in listening to it when it wasn't live. That's podcasting. You can do it live and those folks could listen to it, but for those that can't, allowing you to access it as a MP3 file would be useful and likely significantly increase your viewing audience.


My suggestion was to see how easy it would be by doing it in conjunction with an existing podcast that could already have some more substantial number of listeners.

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Sonny and Sandy do a good job of creating regular geocaching podcasts and maintaining a related web site. But they don't want to host podcasts created by others.



An individual creating his own geocaching podcast, not produced as regularly as podcacher.com. Doubt he would want to host other's podcasts either.



Had potential, but this boat sunk. Would have been a great place for free-lance geocaching podcasts (the type I have created and want to continue creating).


www.archive.org currently allows podcasts to be published to it. I think you can create your own RSS feed referencing files on their site. I plan to see if that is a good place for me to host my free-lance geocaching podcasts.


I have been considering creating a replacement for georadio.org so I and others like me can consolidate our geocaching podcasts. The concept isn't dead. I just haven't taken enough time to test the water to see if anyone wants to go in on the venture with me. (and spend next to nothing in the process!)

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