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Sight Link Error


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When logged in, I go to the following page:




Now when I click the link at the top left that says "My Account", instead of taking me to www.geocaching.com/my, it takes you to www.geocaching.com/my/my which is not a valid page.


Additionally, in the top most bar of both IE and Firefox, there is a slight coding error making it say the following:



Geocaching - My Geocaching Logs (All) <br />



Geocaching - My Geocaching Logs (All) <br >

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I've confirmed the OP's problem.


If you go to the 'My Account' page http://www.geocaching.com/my/ , and then click on the link to 'Show All Logs for Caches' http://www.geocaching.com/my/logs.aspx?s=1 , and then click on the 'My Account' link in the breadcrumb trail at the top, it attempts to take you to http://www.geocaching.com/my/my


The button link for 'My Account' down the left hand side works fine, it is only the 'My Account' link in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the 'Show all logs' page that is broken. Additionally it is broken for all of the 'show all logs' pages (caches, travel bugs, benchmarks).


Also confirming the OP's observation about the broken tag in the title bar for all three of the 'show all logs' pages.

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Thanks to CompassCollector for confirming the issues and using proper technical jargon to explain what I couldn't explain all that well. I will remember these terms for next time!


Jeremy, thanks for the quick (while relatively minor) fix on both these issues.

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