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Groundspeak Project....


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Anyone else participating in the new Groundspeak project that kicks off this week? I'm attending the 1:00 pm Sunday meeting and looking to carpool [and maybe get some caching in afterwards] with an Eastsider or two.....


Drop me an email if interested. And no, I don't know any details of the project [yet], it was an invitation thing. I'm just an innocent participant. <_<

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also sent off an e-mail but didn't hear anything back.


It was an invitation only some people got, with absolutly no details given, therefore she can't tell anything other then that she is looking to carpool. And since when is looking for a carpool for a geocaching related event not apropriate for the local forums.


That said, hydnsek may not have realized that it was probibly not going to include all those who were interested, and that since she is going to be required to sign a NDA that they might not want it brodcasted as to who was in and who was out. And that those that didn't make it might be a little irked to find out that they weren't invited.


Or I could be totally off base here. It is really early to me.

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I'd love to because I think this is a cool direction they're taking but my current work schedule requires flexibility to the point I may not be able to meet the requirements.


As for:

Team GPSaxophone Posted: Jul 23 2005, 05:13 AM 


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If you're not willing to share what it is, then don't start a thread about it 


On the previous time, there were non-disclosure agreements signed. So for all intents and purposes, even if we really know what the project is about, you can't know about it unless you signed the agreement.... which puts you in a conundrum. <_<

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And if someone signed a NDA, then they shouldn't have mentioned it here in any manner.

You're making assumptions the last time and this time are one and the same.

Until you read and sign the NDA you don't know that.

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Ok, i'm sorry I posted....all I wanted was a carpool buddy, and I needed to say for what and when in order to find one.... give me a break! :)


I know nothing except a time/date/location, I'm not violating any NDA at present [i signed reams of them as a computer magazine editor, trust me, I know the ropes]....I just wanted a ride, and I didn't know who's going! Sheesh.


I'm locking the thread, forget it ever happened. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.


And thanks to andrewrj and totemlake.....

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