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Loading Cache Page To Pda

kamer cachers

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If you have a palm then get Cachemate $8 (Works only on a Palm)


You should be using Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK $20) to manage files (Pocket Queries) on you compter.

CacheMate for Palm

GPXSonar for PocketPC


GSAK is great on the PC but not "necessary". Definitely VERY handy for a lot of different things though! If you're using CacheMate, it can convert your pocket query to the right file format for transfering to the Palm. With GPXSonar you just copy your GPX file over to the PocketPC and it reads that, no conversion necessary.


I've used both and both are excellent choices!

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To fully utilize the features of your Palm and Cachemate, you need to become a Premium Member of the site for only $3.00 per month (or $30.00 for a whole year.)


Then you can download .gpx files from the individual cache pages, or even better, you can set up Pocket Queries for the areas you will be caching in. The .gpx files contain all the information you need including the cache description, past logs, and the all-important hint. :anibad:


You can get as many as 500 caches in each PQ. I use GSAK for manipulating the caches in the large area around my home.


I can't imagine trying to cache with paper -- I have more than 600 caches in my Palm and my GPSr so I'm ready regardless of which direction I decide to head off to. :rolleyes:

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Probably unusual, but it will work very well. I used this setup for a while until I changed over to my new GPS 60CS. I am also using a program called GPX View for viewing these files.


It works best if you are a premium member and have a pocket query create a file with up to 500 caches in it. This way it opens up the file listing all the caches that you have defined in this file.



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My GPS doesn't hook to pc for downloading waypoints. My thought was to load cache pages to pda for convenience. Is that an unusual combination?

Even if my GPSr didn't connect to a computer for downloading waypoints, I would still use Cachemate on my Palm (plus Pocket Queries with my Premium Membership) to store all the cache page information.


I think that is a great way to go caching . . . and you'll be very good at manually entering waypoints. I only get to practice that now when doing a multi-cache. :D

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