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Gpsr Display Screens

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I’m in the market to upgrade my venerable Magellan eXplorist 100. The one feature I would like to have is a display screen that has the location coordinates (lat/long) and digital compass on one screen. I realize that I can determine which direction I’m moving by watching the change in coordinates, but the two bits of info I want when caching is my direction of movement and location. Has anyone come across a GPSr that had configurable displays or a screen that has both location and a digital compass? When I’m caching I don’t care about elevation, date & time, or any other info.

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dunno if any have what you want. I think the 'gold standard' display screen for caching is the compass screen.


On my Meridian Color this is not an electronic compass, but it doesn't need to be.


what gets displayed here is a icon indicating the cache and a compass arrow. One just walks toward the cache icon. Above the compass are 2 customizable fields. I have them set to show distance to destination and EPE or estimated position error.


I am unclear as to why you would want the lat/lon coords displayed on this screen.

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I have to check my 60CS, but I think it could do that. Its extremely customizable and I'd be surprised if coords are not one of the choices.

Don't bother checking, the 60CS can do it. There are almost too many options for the display! I'm still playing around with mine to see what I like the best.


Currently on my Compass screen I display:



coordinates (lat/long)

Accuracy (+/- ft)

Time of day

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