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Cache Type (multi, Puzzle, Etc?)

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If I were to place a cache with rules listed below, what type of cache would it be. I don't think it would be regular, because you need to travel to multiple locations, which leaves my guess as being a multi cache. Can multiple people please confirm for me the type?


for first finder:

  • Find ammo box with log and some small cache containers
  • take a small cache container out
  • travel 300 feet and place the cache, and mark the coordinates
  • return to ammo box
  • log visit with coordinates in log

for later finders:

  • read where the other caches are
  • find all others (i'm thinking of 10 tops, all within 300 ft)
  • take picture of each, include GPSr
  • log your find in ammo box

Thanks for the help.

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That sounds a lot like this cache. However since it is effectively a moving cache (the endpoint moves), it would not be approvable under today's guidelines.


I suggest just filling your container with smaller containers and encouraging the finders to hide them and create their own discreet caches, that you could then search for B)

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I had planned on making cachers take a picture of each sub-cache for proof that they found each, but thinking about it now, I might just put a word in each one that they would need to email to me.


Yes I would maintain each sub-cache, and after 15 people or so find it, I would reset it so that other cachers have a chance to set their own micro.

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It sounds like most people here would categorize it as a moving cache, so outside the guidelines.


You could make it where they are all fixed and then the other players can move something around the other caches like a token. Once you find the token you can move it on to another cache and log the cache. You could put a locked box inside the main cache with a verification code. The key could be hidden in one of the other caches. As long as the key gets put back in one of the micros, you're good. Make quite a few copies of the key and definitely keep a backup for yourself. Since the stages of the cache do not move, I would think that design would be within the guidelines (all stages would need to be > 0.1 miles from any other caches but not from themselves).


See GCJK6X for a star topology cache which is sort of like this (I've only done one stage), except the final stage is unknown. There are several variations. Another thing where people could interact more is if maybe they could change the combination or something like that. In an historical setting or cemetery, perhaps they could choose something based on a monument (would still have to be fixed to a single coordinate, since even virtual stages are stages and moving ones would probably violate a strict interpretation of the guidelines) to determine which cache has the key.


(If your planned design is not possible here based on the approvers' judgment, and you absolutely want to have that design without compromises, you could still probably list the cache on an alternative listing site.)

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Add me to the list of "probably won't get approved" voices. Even if you don't want to consider it as a moving cache, the approvers want to know the coords of all stages of a multicache. Since you won't know where these "stages" are going to be hidden, you wouldn't be able to provide that information. "Codeword" caches also generally aren't approvable.


I'll also repeat the suggestion to just make a "feeder" cache. Have each of the smaller caches "ready to hide" with a logbook and if room, pen and trade items. Then have the finders take one, hide it somewhere and get it listed. This gets everyone in the area more caches to hunt for, yourself included.

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You could make it where they are all fixed and then the other players can move something around the other caches like a token. Once you find the token you can move it on to another cache and log the cache.

If something like that were to get approved, could it be set up as... say, 5 separate caches, 4 of them are stages with a token in them that needs to be moved to another stage, and then the 5th one can be found by finding out the information from each token? If that would be okay, then I wouldn't mind setting something like that up.

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