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Geocaching Cops Find Weed At My Cache

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What I found the most funny was the irony in the cache description.


Big Bertha is in the woods halfway up the World's Highest Hill :ph34r: , waiting for you to find her. She is well-camouflaged, but it shouldn't be hard to find such a BIG cache...right? Right?


Big Bertha is full of cache containers. I put a bunch of micros, some smalls, and a medium in this large cache. I would like those who find Big Bertha to take one of the potential caches, if you wish, and establish a new cache. Here's the one catch - your new cache must be hidden within 30 miles of Poteau, Oklahoma. Bertha wants to be close to her babies! Those of you who have surplus cache containers, please bring one or two with you on this hunt and consider helping me keep Big Bertha full of good cache containers. This will help the new cachers in the area get started with hides.


Big Bertha is beautiful. You may be tempted to take a photo with her, but please don't - let others have the fun of seeing her for the first time.


Also, be careful with Bertha. If you are too rough with her, she may lose some camo.


Don't bushwhack directly toward the above coordinates! There are many briars and other hazards :D in this area. The best way to approach Bertha is too loop around the small path and go to these coordinates:





These coordinates will take you to a nice area for a picnic. We called it The Enchanted Meadow :ph34r: because it's a nice grassy area in the middle of rough woods. There is a huge rock right in the middle of it. Don't expect a literal, two-acre meadow, though. It's just a weird grassy area :huh: in the woods. From there, head towards Bertha's hiding spot.

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