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Your Best Travel Bug Pics

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I think I made a TB owner happy today.

This morning, I took Firiona Vie, held her up to the clouded Oregon sky and took a flash shot. Then in Photoshop, I took the surrounding clouds in the pic and used them to dissapear where my hand was holding the TB. A stock "shadow frame" P.S. action completed the job.


I often take pics of TB's that needed a good portrait, because it is a cool thing to do, but I think I accidently outdid myself this morning.

Uhhhh... wow. :ph34r::laughing:




Anyone else have really fun TB pics they have to share? :laughing:

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I once picked up a TB that wanted to go to concerts....Little did he know that he would have to be in the shows! The TB owner never commented one way or the other to me, but the TB and I had fun! The next night he got to see a a different kind of concert entirely.






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I found a racing bug last summer that I was going to place in the finish line. The TB was named SNOOP FROGGY FROG (which means, of course, that it was frog).


IAC, I was doing a little extra photography with him to document his race to the finish. On the morning that I was going to drop him off, the weather was looking pretty crappy, so I was going to do a shot of the frog watching the weather channel and getting nervous. I did a couple of practice shots, and without realizing, I got extremely lucky.


I call this:





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Holoholo Girl's Right Rubbah Slippah and Holoholo Boy's Left Rubbah Slippah on an MD-11. In the middle of the screen it says GNS POS. Right below that is the lat/long of our present position. Pull out your atlas if you want to see where they were. Note the longitude is E.





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