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Howdy all,


Strumer has introduced me to the wonderful world of Geocaching...

saying that I transformed my Ipaq 5455 Pocket PC into a GPS Device. I got the GPS addon but now i need your guys opinion on which software to best utilize for Geocaching and Navigation. Thanks in advance


Here are the software that is says that it is natively compatible with


• Precision Mapping Traveler®5.0

• Rand McNally StreetFinder®

• Microsoft Streets & Trips®(2002 and above)

• DeLorme Street Atlas®(8.0 and above)

• Fugawi®Mapping Software

• TomTom's™ Navigator



Brent David

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I use GPXsonar and it can also export to pushpins for PocketStreets (included with Microsoft Streets & Trips). For GPS functions I use GPStuner. For turn-by-turn voice prompt navigation I use iNAV's iGuidance. To enable one GPS to drive multiple applications I use Franson's GPSgate. I'm very happy with all the packages.

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Indeed. I'll throw another thumbs-up in for Mapopolis. Great stuff there. I run my Pocket Query here, copy the file to my PDA for use with GPXView (others with WM2003 devices may prefer GPXSonar), and also run it through the maplet converter (just mentioned above) so that all of the caches show up in Mapopolis. Makes it very easy to get close to the cache when you are just driving along the highway and notice one coming up! Tap and route to it and you're there!


- John...

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I would echo the support for Mapopolis. I use it quite a bit. However, do you plan on doing urban caches or hitting the trails to find your caches? Most of the street mapping software does nothing for you once you leave the road. I use Memory-Map Navigator (similar to Fugawi, but a more flexible program). It uses topo maps and aerial photos for off-road navigation. It does not do turn-by-turn directions like street navigation software, however.

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