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Yosemite Benchmark


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Recently I visited Yosemite National Park and found a benchmark while on a hike between the Grizzly Giant and Fallen Tunnel Tree located at the museum. There's a drinking fountain at this location with a benchmark designated as 54B. The coordinates for it are: N37 30.862 W119 35.966. Unfortunately when I visited the geocaching site to log it there wasn't a benchmark to fit this description. Can somebody answer this question?

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Hi, "Seven."


By now you've presumably read the benchmark FAQ and you understand why many marks aren't in the Gc.com database.


However, you're in luck. ;-) The benchmark you found was monumented by the USGS in 1934, and I happen to have a bunch of old USGS records from Yosemite. (Which include a number of BPR and C&GS marks as well as ones installed by USGS.) Here's your mark:


"The Museum, 35 ft NW. of; 45 ft SW. of center of one-way rd. to Wawona Point, 4 ft NE. of 84 inch fir, 15 ft SW. of 42 inch fir; top of NW rock on base of drinking fountain; std. tablet stamped '54 B 1934 6461.'"


It's shown as BM 6461 on the USGS Mariposa Grove 7.5' quad.


The "nn B" is a giveaway that it's one of the USGS marks in the park. E.g., 60 B is at the park entrance south of the entry station, 41 B is at the Wawona campground, etc. etc.


If you want to see the records I got from USGS, Zhanna has kindly posted them on her website in PDF form at:




The mark you found is in the Big Trees Ranger Station group.


Do you get to Yosemite often? There are a bunch more benchmarks yet to be found there. :-)



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Thanks to everyone that responded to this post. My question has been answered and I've learned a lot in the process. Although I don't think I'll be getting back to Yosemite anytime soon (due to the fact that I live in Colorado), I'm glad that I had the chance to find some caches and a benchmark. Thanks again.

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Thanks, Patty and Shirley, for taking care of this! I was out of town and without 'Net access for over a week (yes, I'm still twitching! :lol:) but I'm glad you were here to point out the information on my site. When I saw the subject name I figured I'd have a post to write, but you took care of it for me. Thanks.


Nice find, sevenfooter1! And welcome. :lol:





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