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Not A Single Satellite!

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I just hopped in the car a few minutes ago to grab a couple caches before it got dark and my GPS would not pick up a single satellite! I read somewhere in the forums there was a disturbance in the force (magenetic intereference storm) and I was wondering who else was having issues and how long it might last.


I'm in DFW, TX.


Anyone/everyone else affected?



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I honestly don't think the the storms cause serious problems with gps reception. I think they do, but not as much as a lot of people think they do.


That being said, there have been days where I didn't get GPS reception the whole drive to the cache, and then halfway on the hike to it. That was completely random though.


Maybe you were experiencing just some random, unrelated fluke...

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15 minutes later and I try again.


I'm inside my house and I'm tracking three birds from inside my office. (I can usually track three or four from this location so that is about average.)


Hmm. Glitch with my GPSr?

Like I said, it's one of those little temporary problems that generally resolve themselves.


If it happens again, let it sit for a while, or turn it off and on...

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