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Gpx Sonar Closes After Viewing A Cache

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I'm using GPX Sonar on an ipaq 4700 and recently it has started closing after I view a cache. I open a gpx file like normal then double click on a cache I went to see and it opens in pocket IE. When I do that it closes sonar, normally sonar should continue to run. If I reset the device it works like its supposed to but eventually will start closing every time I view a cache. It appears to do it whether I'm opening my 18mb statewide gpx file or my 3mb file of caches close to home.

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I use an ipaq 2215 and found the same thing when my files grew above 10meg or so. I guess it has to do with the PPC memory size.


I now split up my files to make each smaller. I use distance from home (ie. caches under 40 miles and over 40 miles). That keeps each file smaller so gpxsonar does not close. You can come up with your own splitting parameter.

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