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Rino + Dingo = ??

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Hmm... I just saw a post on Engadget about this DingoTel 2Way (yeah, the marketing guy must have been on walkabout during the naming meeting). However it looks as though you can extend your 2 way radio range basically, well, infinitely. The idea of attaching this to a Rino has some interesting location-based implications.


Not sure if anyone had done this yet, but I always thought with some coding finesse you could attach a Rino to your computer and have it autorespond with coordinates when it was pinged by another Rino. Unfortunately my Geocaching.com task list never gets small enough to do it. But I digress.

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Well, those were two paragraphs with two thoughts.


The first part was more recent and more interesting, but you could see the location of another person on the other side of the planet by using your 2 way radio and them using theirs. If you could have you and others on a call you could chat with people around the world and see them. It would also be possible to relay 2 way signals while caching.

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For location, yes, but (and not knowing all the info about the technology I may be wrong) you could relay the geocaching channel to regular 2 way radios. So a geocacher on a hunt could chat with another geocacher thousands of miles away.

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As for the actual merits, that is cool, one could probably build a cache concept out of that. Unfortunately it would be limited to only those geocachers who owned Rinos, who would suddenly find themselves very popular.

I've always wanted to be more popular :)


Thanks for the info Jeremy, that's a pretty cool concept. Sounds similar to the amateur radio internet relays like echolink. Polling a rino from a few thousand miles away could be interesting. Trouble is you still gotta have a connection to the net wherever you're at.

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For $30, it sounds like something that could be interesting to try.


It's officially on my list, after I get my iPod. I love playing with my FRS radios. This could be really cool to play with...


I still don't quite understand how it works. But it almost seems like some kind of ham radio repeater...

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Ok - I'll hook one rino up to the Internet - run an antennea up to the Ham tower - then strap the other rino to my cat (he is about 25 pounds - and not fat!!) and then track his movements remotely around the neighborhood. Add a logbook and you have some kind of traveling cache that you could track from anywhere in the country...............(ok maybe not) :)


[not my "real" idea....]

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