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Custom Rubber Stamp

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So I have my wooden coin blanks, and a stamp for one side. Now I just need a rubber stamp with some text around the edge and text in the middle for the other side. I looked online last night and even with St. Google I couldn't find any place that did something like that. Everything in a bigger round stamp was for inspection use. Anyone know of a place that makes it easy to order a basic rubber on wood round stamp like that?

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I had a stamp made just like that from Sissy-N-CR and I'm real happy with it. Nice stamp, dirt cheap, and I got it unmounted and stuck it to the top of a little pill bottle for a low profile, easy to carry stamp!


Edit: shoulda checked the link first, looks like he's not doing those anymore! :unsure:

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Generally I carve my own stamps out of rubber erasers or carving blocks. Recently I purchased a kit by Artisan's Choice that allows you to create rubber stamps in the "professional" manner (ie: you're actually making a mold and pouring liquid rubber into it to cast a stamp....)


Pricey though, at $50. Fortunately I was able to buy the kit at JoAnn Craft Stores with a 50% off coupon.


I'm still experimenting with it and I haven't tried to do any signature item stamps with the kit yet (just stuff for my art biz).

It seems to do well with text and letters. Don't choose too detailed images with fine lines - you'll go nuts!!!


Biggest problem is trying to flatten out and glue down the rubber stamp mounting cushion that goes between the stamp and the wood block...... need lots of patience :unsure:




edit to add: it also contains a blacklight, which I've heard some night caches require (that's a cool idea)

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We took in a few blank wooden tokens to "Staples" and they were able to design our stamp on the computer as we watched. It was then placed on a self-inking stamper and we were able to test it right there. Works great. We had checked all the printer places-Kinkos, Office Depot, Office Max in the FW area but they didn't do the work in-house.

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Dito for Office Max, Staples, etc. Very easy. :blink:

- I put signature stamps in the letter box caches with a design for each site. Get 'em made at Staples. Very easy. Come up with a simple drawing and they'll reproduce it as small rubber stamp in a couple of weeks. Keep in mind this is true binary art-work, black or white, and being reduced in size, so keep it simple. Still, I'm always surprised at how much detail can be achieved.

- A stamp that will fit in a 4oz Rubbermaid or Nalgene container (with log) runs about $12.00. If I was smart enough to figure out how to load an image, I'd include an example.

- Took in my wife's signature design and was surprised when they made the self-inking stamp in about 15 minutes. Great stuff.


- Do people keep logs of cache's they locate? I find about half the visitor's have a signature stamp of their own to sign the log with, but are often surprised to find a signature stamp in the letterbox cache. This is a technique from the LBA crowd that would add to geocaching.

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Staples actually makes more than one kind of stamp. There are the more commercial/standard type that have straight type in various sizes which they send out for (these use the traditional rubber stamp method) and the in store computer type which can handle simple graphics (uses a sort of reverse printing process, ure graphic is actually removed from the all black "plate" which is actually a film leaving a void where ure lines are for the ink to flow through).


The hard part is finding someone who works there that actually knows how to use the computer. They can import/enlarge/reduce any line art to fit on a stamp of various size if u bring in a simple graphic on a disk. I used to work in one and alot of people purchased these for signatures. These are made in store so u can test them out immediately which is a good idea because sometimes the heat/printing process doesn't always reproduce 100%.


The graphic gets negatively printed on a sort of plastic sticker that gets stuck into a holder and then a case which has the pre-inked pad in it. Goes together in a couple of minutes. When u press down the ink flows through the area which was removed during the hot printing process and viola, ure stamp is reproduced. Works sort of like a screen printing as opposed to a traditional rubber stamp. The thicker the lines in ure graphic the better the reproduction is.

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Also very interested in this, thanks ND. I want to do a wooden nickel that I can take with me on business trips (light, easy to pack, no hassle with metal detectors, etc.) as a trade item. I would also like to toss the stamp into my laptop bag to take with me for signing log books. Pre-inked. Never thought about staples... good idea.

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