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I notice that nearly all cache descriptions have a "park at ..." or "you can park nearby and collect this cache, takes only 2 minutes".


I am new to caching, I have found 3, placed 1, and never found the 1 I spent most of the weekend searching for. But for me it was great, all three I found involved a decent walk in beautiful scenery, Lord Herefords Knob was a nice 2 hours walk to do it, Pilgrims Cache took us an hour wandering the beautiful streets of canterbury, and the Monkey Caught Cache I failed to find this weekend was in a stagering beautiful wood which I spent a good 3 hours wandering through and admiring.


To me the point of geocaching isn't the plastic box at the end, but the journey we take to get there. So why are people putting caches in really poor places where you barely need to get out the car to get to them? Surely that defeats the idea?


Yes it slows you down in your ability to find 1000 caches, because you can't just drive upto each one. But it makes the whole process sooo much more fun. Our planet is beautiful why do we restrict ourselves to seeing it from the windows of a tin can?


Apologies if this is OT or offensive to anyone, I just wanted to get it off my chest.



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Apologies if this is OT or offensive to anyone, I just wanted to get it off my chest.



I'd be really surprised if anyone was offended. As has been said many times in numerous threads, it's 'each to his own'.


Sometimes a quick 'cache and dash' can be just as enjoyable as a longer walk. Yesterday I had an hour or so to spare so I sorted out 3 quick local caches to do and they were very enjoyable. On Saturday I was out with Deego and we walked (if my memory serves me correctly) about 15 miles for five caches and a few trig points. That was great fun too.

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Many act like 'numbers men' but don't want to admit it :huh:


Went to a meet recently and many; including myself, were swapping TB numbers so that we could log them later on.

Wasn't 'til later that I thought about and decided not to log them.


Everybody plays the 'game' differently.

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Hi. It is nice to have the opportunity for a Cache & Dash Daphne & myself are both leg disabled. We would love the chance to go for a long walk, but owing to circumstances beyond our control we can't. Not to say we always try but it is nice to see the C&D option if we think we cannot manage the walk.

Yes I agree it is the route to the cache rather than the cache itself (i.e numbers for some).

This thread has been mooted many times.


Happy Caching from Daphne & Colin aka the Wobbly Club, now you know how we got our name, we are always wobbling around!!

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Like most of the above, it really depends on what kind of mood I'm. Some days a cache n' dash is all I want, and there's even been the odd occasion when a car park micro has appealed (but I've usually come to my senses fairly quickly :huh: ), but for the most part I love a good wander.


This weekend just been, we walked to a graet cache just off Hadrian's Wall with my wife's cousin and his girlfriend. It was about 2hrs return I guess - three of us had a great time, and one had had enough after a few minutes. It just depends on the person...

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Our planet is beautiful why do we restrict ourselves to seeing it from the windows of a tin can?

You are quite right, our planet is beautiful, and there are plenty of places that are worth visiting that car parks have been made for, mainly to allow disabled people to get to. Everybody should have the chance to see our world, not just those who are fit enough to do so.


I am like you, I enjoy the long walk, but I have been to some great places that have been a stones throw away from the car.

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I notice that nearly all cache descriptions have a "park at ..." or "you can park nearby and collect this cache, takes only 2 minutes".

True for some, but not "nearly all". And even if you can park right next to the cache, there is nothing to stop you parking further away and making a decent walk of it.


The good thing about Geocaching is that there are now so many different types of caches out there that you can easily pick and choose which ones to find and ignore the drive-bys if they don't appeal to you, or only do drive-bys if you don't feel like walking or are mobility impaired.


I like a complete mixture - sometimes a drive-by or short walk is appealing when going to a meeting in a suit but at the opposite extreme climbing Ben Nevis last October was very appealing at the time and took up the whole day. Central London is different again - I enjoyed getting the train there and walking around all day on Saturday with the odd bus ride in between but wouldn't have dreamed of taking the car.


At the end of the day it's entirely up to you. Just do what suits you best and enjoy it!

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I prefer caches that involve a decent walk and where more thought has obviously gone into it. Something stuffed under a bush just off the track is not what appeals to me. But as others have said, each to his own, and the easy access type are ideal for the disabled or the not so mobile cachers. Personally I only do the caches that interest me - the others I ignore. I sugest you do the same.

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Another point to consider is that a lot of people (ourselves included) take children "treasure hunting" with them. The youngsters would have difficulty walking a long distance, but enjoy the actual hunt at the cache location wether they have walked 200yds or much further.


In the same way that McDonald's toys and the like wouldn't appeal to the adults, a long walk to find the treasure wouldn't be of interest to the children.


That's the beauty of Geocaching. You'd be hard pressed to find another activity that can (and does) cater to such a broad spectrum of very different participants, abilities and ages.


Happy Caching!



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