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Can Someone In France Help Please?


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Is there anyone currently in Northern France who can check on a cache for us?


We set it last year and the first person could not find it. We checked it, reset it but still people cannot find it.


Is there anyone who can go to the IN REMEMBRANCE cache at the D-Day Museum on UTAH Beach to check on it? If so, can you please email us for the exact location.


We can't get to check it until July/August unfortunately due to my current posting.




Taz and Tigger.

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Juste au cas où :D


Quelqu'un du Nord de la France pourrait-il vérifier une cache pour nous ?

Nous l'avons placée l'année dernière et les premières personnes ne peuvent pas la trouver.

Nous l'avons vérifiée et remise en ordre, mais on ne peut toujours pas la trouver.


Quelqu'un peut-il aller à la cache In Remembrance au musée du D-Day à Utah Beach pour vérifier cette cache ?

Si oui, vous pouvez nous envoyer un mail pour obtenir l'endroit exact.


Nous ne pourrons malheureusement pas vérifier cette cache avant juillet/août (d'où ce message).

Merci ! !

Taz et Tigger.

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Les normands vont pas aimer qu'on dit qu'ils habitent "le Nord de la France". :D


I don't think there is a single active cacher within 100km. The nearest cache placed by a French resident (GarenKreiz) is 90km south, and I don't think he lives nearby either.


T&T, just a thought: how will the person who goes to check the cache, know that the cache is really "missing" ? Do you have super-mega-spoilers to give them ?

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I was the last one who tried to find this cache. That site is usually very crowded (except maybe in winter, when the cache was placed). Unfortunately there was also a boy scout meeting (Normandy Spring Camporee) nearby with more than 3000 participants.


The cache is hidden near a monument and an old gun, where lots of people want to take pictures. The problem is that if you don't know exactly where it's hidden, you have no time to look carefully (or dig in the sand) without being disturbed by muggels.


Maybe a spoiler photo would help.



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