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  1. Schau mal ins Magellan Forum in der Grünen Hölle, da gibt es mehrere Threads zu dem Teil.
  2. Just post the GC-Id here and I'll give you the cache details. A TB in the cache is not needed.
  3. Do you need the additional waypoints, too? Edit: cache name removed
  4. That's because these 14 "regions" were only introduced by Grundspeak last year. Since then you have to specify a region if you want to report a new cache. You can also edit your old listings and add a region if you like but it's not mandatory. So the "missing numbers" in UK are older caches without specified region.
  5. GC1CDX3 is not the cache name but the cache id or "waypoint" in Groundspeak lingo. You can search for it with the "by Waypoint" search on the Hide and Seek page.
  6. No, German postcodes have always 5 digits. For UK you can use a prefix or suffix: UK-GU46 6BT or GU46 6BT, UK
  7. That's not the case for Europe. EGNOS (European WAAS) still works fine. Cornix
  8. Had the same thing last year. A complete memory reset did help (Setup > Clear Memory > all). The only problem: all your settings and screen configurations are reset to factory defaults. Good luck Cornix
  9. Is your unit set to NAD27 datum? You should use WGS84. Cornix
  10. I wouldn't buy an old "Legend" anymore, as the reception under tree cover is very bad. It's successor, the Venture HC, has a better chipset, more memory, a color display and costs only a few bucks more. Cornix
  11. Looks like they changed the suffix for their active server pages. Try 'aspx' instead of 'asp': http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=8480 Cornix
  12. SkyCaddie offers modified Magellan Explorist units for golfers (SG3 & SG4). They also sell SkyPlayer memberships where you can download golf course tracks and waypoints. Cornix
  13. You may switch to Seamonkey, it's essentially Mozilla 2.0. I use it for over a year now and maps are working fine. Cornix
  14. Or even better: try SeaMonkey. It's the latest successor to Mozilla Application Suite and Netscape Communicator. Cornix
  15. Delete your browser cookies and restart the browser. It worked for me. Cornix
  16. Looks like they are using the Date Picker control from essentialobjects which is configurable. So all we need is an extra field in our profile to specify the preferred date format and some coding to apply this setting to the DatePicker control. Cornix
  17. That may be a problem with the power supply. A regular USB port should provide up to 500 mA but many ports especially those on USB hubs don't meet the specifications. Use fresh batteries or connect an external power supply unit to the cable. Cornix
  18. The file name of this picture has an outdated form (90059_200) which consists of the cache number (90059) and the picture number (200), so finding the associated cache is easy: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?id=90059 The newer file names are using Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) instead: http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/e300e7...f5ca8762d7b.jpg No chance with that. Cornix
  19. There may be a problem with the USB power supply. The best solution is to connect an external power supply unit or at least use fresh batteries. Cornix
  20. No, rar is an archive format like zip, you have to extract the basemap file (BASEMAP.MGI) first. There's a free program called 7-zip that can handle rar archives. Cornix
  21. I guess a basemap is still there but it's now an European one because V2.57 of the firmware ist available for Europe only. If you didn't save your original basemap you can download a North American one from the rhamphorhinkx site (na_lb112) and replace the European basemap with it (folder 'Background Maps' on your Explorist). Cornix
  22. From the Garmin Vista HCx mini-review thread: Cornix
  23. You can read out the serial no. of your unit with MapSend. Or you can download the firmware from the rhamphorhinkx site (stpromap_534.rar). Cornix
  24. Disable the contour lines before exporting the maps in MapSend. Set the map orientation on your unit to "North up". Cornix
  25. The same procedure as every year: Feature Request: Multilingual Cache Pages, English plus native languages. Cornix
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