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Solar Power For Explorist Series, Bye Bye Battery


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with all the talk of the inverting the power connector on the back so it points up and the usb charger working. how about solar powered usb gps, and never worry about a external power supply again. hummm sound good hum. I did a search on google and found this. any one think it will work.


usb solar charger for explorist series.

usb solar charger


this was just a quick search but it opens up the possiblities you know.


hope it helps



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It will work, but solar chargers can be rather problematic in many situations. I've got a fair collection of different solar chargers from very small, to a large unit that will charge a car battery fairly quickly. They work pretty good if you have bright summer sun, and keep them oriented ideally towards it. The efficiency drops off quickly though in the mornings, evenings, with clouds or other shade, and if you don't keep moving them to get the best orientation towards the sun. You might say they're more touchy than an eTrex in the forest. :lol:

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Clamis not be reality. If you look at most PDA chargers they are 2+ amps that charger is probable just a few hundred milliamps. It might keep the unit running if it is dead but charge the battery??????

I would get a solar power battery charger first or one that charged the batteries from my car.


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